Training Strategies for Tomorrow: Volume 16 Issue 5


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Competency teams take a big leap forward

We live increasingly in the information age, an era that is superseding the industrial age. As working practices change, the very concept of what work involves undergoes a…


Taking a virtual approach to hospitality management

The world has gone customer service crazy. Where before poor service was sometimes laughed off with a joke about national stereotypes, today’s consumers expect nothing…


Purchasing power

Can you buy purchasing expertise? During the last twenty years or so there has been a quiet revolution in procurement, a shift from the functional to the strategic…


BP turns to training for award‐winning results

When global petrochemical group BP took a look at its staff performance at petrol forecourts across the UK a couple of years ago, it did not like what it saw. Turnover was…


Does low employee turnover stifle innovation?

A company with employee turnover as low as 1 percent a year is in danger of suffering from too little experimentation and innovation. Framatome Cogema Fuels (FCF) is the…


Keeping the best female executives

Never has it been so hard to be a woman. The demands of a successful career and a happy home life are increasingly at odds with one other. Ambitious employees give their…


Getting to grips with literacy training

It is estimated that between 28 and 30 million immigrants live in the USA, slightly more than 10 percent of the total population. Of these, 90 percent are of working age…


Making a case for better team work

In sport, the sides who win are not always the most talented individually. Team spirit counts for much, and of winners it is often said that the whole unit proved to be…




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