Journal of Money Laundering Control


Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 8 Issue 1

A guide to money laundering legislation

Robert Rhodes QC, Serena Palastrand

Describes the greatly extended UK legislation to prevent money laundering, which is defined as the process by which the proceeds of crime and the true ownership of those…

Definitional analysis: the war on terror and organised crime

Angela Veng Mei Leong

Discusses the relationship between organized crime and terrorism; this is an important area of research in the development of legal and other means for control both of…

Hawala and money laundering: a Malaysian perspective

Bala Shanmugam

Defines “Hawala” as an Arabic word meaning “change” or “transform”. Describes it as a system which goes back to 11th century India and allows money to be transferred…

New trends in money laundering ‐ from the real world to cyberspace

He Ping

Describes the traditional money laundering methods of physical currency smuggling and the more common use of financial and other institutions. Shows how the pressure on…

Bank secrecy in Australia: terrorism legislation as the new exception to the Tournier rule

Paul Latimer

Questions the cost effectiveness of Australia’s legislation after 9/11 to combat terrorism by forcing banks to disclose terrorism finance to law enforcement agencies…

Ethics in Nigerian banking

Chibuike U. Uche

Discusses the unethical practices of Nigerian banks from a historical perspective. Traces concern over unethical behaviour in banking back to the emergence of indigenous…

The 2003 Money Laundering Regulations

Richard Alexander

Considers first the 1993 Money Laundering Regulations, which were introduced to implement the European Union’s 1991 Money Laundering Directive and were addressed…



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