Journal of Money Laundering Control


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Table Of Contents: Volume 3 Issue 1

Money Laundering: Is It Now A Corporate Problem?

William F. Bruton

Money laundering occurs in almost every crime where there is a financial motive. People who commit most crimes have personal enrichment as at least one of their motives…

Corrupt Leaders and Their Bankers

Michael Brindle

Atlantis is one of the poorest 20 countries in the world. According to official UN statistics, its GDP per capita in 1997 was US$200. Formerly a Portuguese colony, it…

How Big is Global Money Laundering?

John Walker

Known incidents of money laundering involving large amounts of money generated from crime are of tremendous public interest and are consequently given wide publicity. A…

International Measures to Fight Money Laundering

Javier Garcia

The phrase ‘pecunia non olet’ (money does not smell) is attributed to the Emperor Vespasian as regards a new tax for the use of public toilets which had been imposed in…

Ruined in a Conventional Way: Some Thoughts on Risk and Money Laundering

Simon Willis

In the author's last article (JMLC, Vol. 2, No. 3) reference was made to ‘thefts dressed as non‐performing loans’ and the catastrophic risks run by individual financial…

Tax Evasion and Money Laundering — An Open and Shut Case?

Martyn J. Bridges, Peter Green

Recent debate has centred on the applicability of the money‐laundering legislation to the proceeds of domestic and foreign tax evasion. Banks and other financial…

Guernsey: Study of a Finance Centre and Its Fight Against Fraud

Peter G. Crook

It might seem strange to some that a financial services regulator is writing about fraud. Historically economic crime is the province of law enforcers but the inescapable…

Mercosur: ‘Organised Crime, Money Laundering and Harmonisation of Legislation’

Pedro R. David

Section 1 of the Asuncion Treaty sets up the Common Market of the Southern Cone (Mercosur). It establishes, inter alia, ‘the commitment of the Member Parties to harmonize…

Mexico: The Black Market in Foreign Exchange and its Relationship with Narcotics Money Laundering

Robert Grosse

The Mexican foreign exchange market plays an important role in the laundering of narcotics revenues of traffickers from that country and, to some extent, traffickers from…

Russia: What has Precipitated the Rise of Criminal Activity?

Kate Ebbage

Russian organised crime (ROC) is on the increase, with new stories in the press appearing practically every day. In 1994, Boris Yeltsin announced in his address to the…

Russia: The Fraudsters' Craftsmanship

Vladimir Lavrov

This paper discusses the most serious financial disaster of a criminal nature that has yet occurred in post‐Soviet Russia — fraud at regional branches of the National…



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