Measuring Business Excellence


Performance Management and Measurement

Table Of Contents: Volume 12 Issue 4

A practical approach for risk‐adjusting performance

Joseph Calandro, Scott Lane, Ranganna Dasari

Risk management has grown increasingly popular in recent years due to the recognition that risk should be as actively managed as performance. A key objective of risk

A tool for the control of environmental management in golf courses

Agustín Sánchez‐Medina, Leonardo Romero‐Quintero, Ángel Gutiérrez‐Padrón

Given the significant proliferation of golf courses in recent years, with around 6,500 in Europe alone, and the impact of their exploitation on the environment, it would

Delivering sustained performance through a structured business process approach to management

David Mackay, Umit Bititci, Catherine Maguire, Aylin Ates

This paper aims to demonstrate the performance benefits of adopting a business process perspective to managing a business and, through grounded research, propose a revised

Building board expertise through key supporting processes

Marie‐Josée Roy

Although board expertise has been identified as an important determinant of board performance, some surveys are still reporting that the overall level of board expertise

Development of a framework for manufacturing excellence

Monica Sharma, Rambabu Kodali

Manufacturing excellence means to be the best in the field at each competitive priority and to demonstrate industry best practices. Over the years there have been many

Performance measurement: learning from the past and projecting the future

Mike Bourne

This paper aims to review the developments in performance measurement over the last 20 years, reflecting on the past and projecting into the future.



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