Journal of Knowledge Management: Volume 19 Issue 3


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The role of organizational culture in the knowledge management process

Christina Ling-hsing Chang, Tung-Ching Lin

The purpose of the study is to focus on the enhancement of knowledge management (KM) performance and the relationship between organizational culture and KM process intention of…


Better knowledge with social media? Exploring the roles of social capital and organizational knowledge management

Pratyush Bharati, Wei Zhang, Abhijit Chaudhury

– The purpose of this paper is to explore social media’s impact on organizational knowledge quality through the theoretical lens of social capital and resource exchange.


Understanding “disengagement from knowledge sharing”: engagement theory versus adaptive cost theory

Dianne Ford, Susan E. Myrden, Tim D Jones

The purpose of this paper is using competing hypotheses (a spillover hypothesis, based on Engagement Theory, and a provisioning hypothesis, based on Adaptive Cost Theory) to help…


Understanding knowledge sharing in the work context by applying a belief elicitation study

Minna Stenius, Nelli Hankonen, Ari Haukkala, Niklas Ravaja

This paper aims to investigate cognitive antecedents of knowledge sharing (KS) by applying a belief elicitation study and embedding KS in an organizationally relevant context…


Examining knowledge audit for structured and unstructured business processes: a comparative study in two Hong Kong companies

Jessica Y.T. Yip, Rongbin W.B. Lee, Eric Tsui

This study/paper aims to study the knowledge audit methodologies needed in structured business processes (SBP) and unstructured business processes (UBP) respectively. The…


Public sector knowledge management: a structured literature review

Maurizio Massaro, John Dumay, Andrea Garlatti

This paper aims to review and critique the public sector knowledge management (KM) literature, offers an overview of the state of public sector KM research and outlines a future…


Customer-centered knowledge management: challenges and implications for knowledge-based innovation in the public transport sector

Stavros Sindakis, Audrey Depeige, Eleni Anoyrkati

This study aims to explore the role of knowledge management practices in supporting current and emerging passengers’ and customer needs, aiming to create value. Specifically, the…


Leveraging environmental scanning methods to identify knowledge management activities in transportation

Denise Bedford, Frances Harrison

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the level of knowledge management (KM) activity underway in the transportation sector. The environmental scan highlighted common business…


Factors that influence the success of a KM-program in a small-sized airport

Antonio-Luis Gamo-Sanchez, Juan-Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro

This paper aims to investigate the nature of what is referred to as the Knowledge Management Engineering & Maintenance Program, which is based on practices that influence the…


A model for the diffusion of knowledge sharing technologies inside private transport companies

Manlio Del Giudice, Maria Rosaria Della Peruta, Vincenzo Maggioni

This paper aims to investigate, inside the private sector of transport, a model for the diffusion of knowledge-sharing technologies with non-uniform internal influence that has…


Crowdsourcing information for knowledge-based design of routes for unscheduled public transport trips

Osvaldo Cairo, José Sendra Salcedo, J. Octavio Gutierrez-Garcia

The purpose of this paper is to devise a crowdsourcing methodology for acquiring and exploiting knowledge to profile unscheduled transport networks for design of efficient routes…

Towards a knowledge-based approach for effective decision-making in railway safety

Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Siraj A Shaikh, Harsha K. Kalutarage, Mahsa Jahantab

– This paper aims to contribute towards understanding how safety knowledge can be elicited from railway experts for the purposes of supporting effective decision-making.

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