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Exploring different cultural configurations: how do they affect subsidiaries’ knowledge sharing behaviors?

Vincenzo Cavaliere, Sara Lombardi

The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of different cultural typologies (i.e. innovative, competitive, bureaucratic and community) on employees’ knowledge-sharing…


Positioning organisational culture in knowledge management research

Said Abdullah Al Saifi

The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptual model for understanding the impact of organisational culture on knowledge management processes and their link with…


Protecting organizational knowledge: a structured literature review

Markus Manhart, Stefan Thalmann

The purpose of this paper is to investigate pertinent knowledge protection literature. At the same time, however, knowledge protection is often a neglected or underdeveloped area…


Mechanisms to motivate knowledge sharing: integrating the reward systems and social network perspectives

Sheng-Wei Lin, Louis Yi-Shih Lo

The purpose of this study is to develop a theoretical model that integrates two different mechanisms to explain knowledge sharing. First, adapted from traditional reward systems…


Designing workspaces for cross-functional knowledge-sharing in R & D: the “co-location pilot” of Novartis

Annina Coradi, Mareike Heinzen, Roman Boutellier

This paper examines co-location as an important solution to design workspaces in research and development (R & D). It argues that co-locating R & D units in…


Facilitating tacit knowledge transfer: routine compatibility, trustworthiness, and integration in M & As

Rebecca Ann Ranucci, David Souder

This paper aims to theorize how tacit knowledge influences implementation success in mergers and acquisitions (M & As), and contrasts this with explicit knowledge. Tacit…


With whom shall I share my knowledge? A recipient perspective of knowledge sharing

Xiao Zhang, Jane Yan Jiang

The purpose of this study is to examine knowledge-sharing phenomena from the perspective of recipients’ characteristics. Specifically, this study examines the influence of…


Deterrents to knowledge-sharing in the pharmaceutical industry: a case study

Athar Mahmood Ahmed Qureshi, Nina Evans

This study aims to explore deterrents to knowledge-sharing in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Effective knowledge-sharing is fundamental to stimulation of the process of knowledge…


Encouraging knowledge contribution in IT support: social context and the differential effects of motivation type

Xuequn Wang, Paul F. Clay, Nicole Forsgren

This paper aims to investigate how to promote two types of knowledge contribution tasks. The authors focus on the role of supervisor and coworker support on motivation, and their…


Management of knowledge creation and sharing to create virtual knowledge-sharing communities: a tracking study

Rachel Barker

The main aim of this paper is to address the lack of research on the potential impact of the radical changes in social networking in the so-called network society and indirectly…


Knowledge creation and utilization in project teams

Paul Ihuoma Oluikpe

The purpose of this paper is to explore the knowledge processes that interplay in the social construction and appropriation of knowledge and to test these constructs empirically…


The construct of absorptive capacity in knowledge management and intellectual capital research: content and text analyses

Stefania Mariano, Christian Walter

The purpose of this paper is to provide a holistic picture of how and to what extent Cohen and Levinthal’s (1990) seminal article on absorptive capacity was used in knowledge…


Citation classics published in knowledge management journals. Part I: articles and their characteristics

Alexander Serenko, John Dumay

The purpose of this study is to develop a list of citation classics published in knowledge management (KM) journals and to analyze the key attributes and characteristics of the…

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