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Table Of Contents: Volume 4 Issue 1

Putting the Missing Rungs into the Vocational ‘Ladder’

Roger Butterworth, Jo Dean

The Avon & Western Wiltshire NHS Trust's Work Development Programme in Bristol is a Beacon award winner. This Department of Health award has been made for achievements in…

Supported Employment for People with Mental Health Problems

Jonathan Allen, Huw Davies

Although it has been implicit in previous articles (see Becky's Story in issue 3.4), supported employment as a model for enabling people to get and keep jobs has not been…

Investing in Everyone: Richmond Fellowship Workschemes' experience of Investors in People

Helen Phillips

Richmond Fellowship Workschemes not only provides employment support for people with mental health problems ‐ it also tries to set an example by employing as many as…

The Experience of Lyndhurst Guesthouse

Sally Reynolds

One of the outcomes of European collaboration in the development of social firms has been the establishment of a network of businesses in the tourism sector called Access…

A day in the life of Sandra Smith

Mary Nettle

Sandra Smith is now a patient advocate. Her ‘day in the life’ causes her to reflect on her own experiences of using mental health services and her liberation as a…

Partners for Progress: employers working with people with disabilities

Zoey Breuer

Over the past five years many mental health organisations have participated in the European Union's HORIZON programme ‐ a sub‐division of the EMPLOYMENT Community…

Useful Mental Health Websites

Adam Pozner

The Internet is becoming a feature of our lives. About six million people in the UK are connected to the Net and the number is growing. We are increasingly using it to…

The Minimum Wage on Therapeutic Earnings? How about selfemployment?

Judy Scott

Are people on the therapeutic earnings concession entitled to the minimum wage? Yes, says the legislation, they might be; or they might not; it depends. So how can an…



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