A Life in the Day


Health and Social Care

Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 3

INCube Inc. and the TAP Programme — An Innovative Programme for Consumer‐Run Business Development in New York City

Gerold Schwarz

With financial support from the New York City Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Alcoholism Services, INCube Inc., a consumer‐run technical assistance…

ACCEPT Northern Ireland — Taking Mental Health into the Boardroom and on to the High Street

Carol Magill

Over the years there have been many transnational partnerships formed under various European programmes — many under the HORIZON strand of the European Social Fund's…

The Social Firm — An Idea Whose Time has Come

Sheila Durie

Drawing on nearly ten years' experience of developing and managing social firms in Edinburgh, Sheila Durie makes the case for creating real jobs to complement the…

A Day in the Life of Severe Depression

Colin Edington

A Life in the day is mostly about what people do with their lives when they are well, but what happens when a black hole opens in our lives? We cannot get on and do things…

Three Work Initiatives

Adam Pozner

In this issue, we have profiles from three very different work initiatives: a pioneering regional consortium in Northern Ireland with extensive international links; a…

Snakes and Ladders

Tracey Austin

Snakes and Ladders: Adult education and mental health video‐based action pack. Jeremy Braund, Richard Hooper, Stewart Moore and Robin Hoyle (Eds.). Looseleaf folder with 2…

LETS and the Benefit System

Liz Shephard

If the government is looking to reduce social exclusion (rather than exclusion from the tax system) then perhaps the next Green Paper could look at the advantages of local…

Networking: A Personal View

Anne Harding

Anne Harding was Deputy Director of Richmond Fellowship Workschemes until 1991 and a founder member of the CEFEC European Network. As such she has seen (and initiated…



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