Working with Older People: Volume 25 Issue 3

Practical approaches to work, leisure, lifestyle and learning


Table of contents - Special Issue: Practical perspectives on older people, caregivers, families and organisations

Guest Editors: Michael Brannigan, Alessandra Vicentini, Kim S. Grego, Simone C. Bacchini

Older people as represented in English quality newspapers

Giulia Rovelli

This paper aims at tracing how older people and old age have been portrayed in English quality newspapers from 1989 to 2018 by comparing newspaper articles and readers’ letters to…

Corpus-assisted analysis of the collocational profiles of the terms denoting elderly care workers

Daniel Russo

The purpose of this paper is to explore the terms used in the Macmillan Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary to identify the people who are paid to provide care to the…

Constructing a professional identity as an in-home carer

Catherine Jane Blundell

The purpose of this paper is to examine the ways in which foreign live-in carers are able to construct agentive identities which counteract negative discourses regarding care…

A review on figure of eight walking in physical therapy rehabilitation of elderly

Rupinder Kaur Dhillon, Mahesh Sharma

The purpose of this study is to see whether the figure of eight walkings (F8W) is a reliable outcome measure in rehabilitation care especially for the older population who need…

“Living-with-dying”: the elderly’s language of terminal illness

Stefania M. Maci

This study aims to examine the way in which elderly people, men and women, with a terminal illness use language to construct a narrative about their “living-with-dying” experience.


Who is a “Senior”? Looking for a definition in the healthcare system

Monica Consolandi

Seniors are nowadays at the core of important reflections to understand both how to ensure them a proper quality of life and better recognize their social role, providing them…

Defence strategies in an online community of caregivers

Marianna Lya Zummo

The purpose of this paper is to understand caregivers’ discursive constructions and responses to their unwanted (family and social) role as resulting in exchanges on social media…

Achieving shared understanding in chronic care interactions: the role of caregivers

Sarah Bigi

Within the context of a research program on the most relevant discourse types in chronic care medical encounters, this contribution reports on a qualitative study on the role…


Reframing language, disrupting aging: a corpus-assisted multimodal critical discourse study

Rosita Belinda Maglie, Laura Centonze

The purpose of this paper is to explore two channels of communication (i.e. texts and images) from a non-governmental organization website called #DisruptAging with the aim of…

Dispossessed, without place and face. The plight of elders

Michael Brannigan

Have we grown closer and closer apart? Imagine the plight of our elders. Their history is linked with their geography, where they lived, loved and labored. The purpose of this…

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