Working with Older People: Volume 13 Issue 1

Practical approaches to work, leisure, lifestyle and learning


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Explaining about … mental health and well‐being

Fiona Borrowman, Sarah Dempster

No one knows how to improve mental health and well‐being in later life better than older people themselves, according to the authors of our first article. That is why the…

Physical activity and the management of depression

Alan Wright, Mima Cattan

The feel‐good factor we feel after exercise is well documented: aside from the endorphins ‐ the ‘happy hormones’ ‐ that our bodies produce, the sense of achievement, being…

Grouchy old men?

Toby Williamson

With the numbers of older men increasing as the population ages, it is not only important to get a better understanding of their health and social care needs, but equally as…

The Ransackers project: educational adventures for older learners

June Kathchild

Low self‐esteem and confidence can make someone feel cut off from society and, as Toby Williamson explained, social exclusion can lead to depression and other mental illnesses…

Volunteer advocacy with older people who lack mental capacity

Neil Mapes

The Mental Capacity Advocacy Project (MCAP) with older people is a three‐year pilot project funded by the Department of Health and Age Concern England; the pilot phase of this…

Partnership in practice: mental health working with general hospital wards

Sally Ashton, Christine Carter

Older people (those aged over 65) occupy a significant proportion of hospital beds, with many suffering from depression, delirium, dementia, anxiety and other conditions. The…

Working towards promoting positive mental health and well‐being for older people from BME communities

Rachel Tribe, Pauline Lane, Sue Heasum

This article identifies some of the key issues that need to be considered when trying to promote positive mental health and well‐being for older people from black and minority…

My Work

Janet Morrison

Hired to modernise a traditional charity, Janet Morrison has made an impact at Independent Age, introducing changes to its services that aim to reflect what older people want…

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