Working with Older People: Volume 12 Issue 3

Practical approaches to work, leisure, lifestyle and learning


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Explaining about … home improvement agencies' response to an ageing society

Malcolm Ramsay

Since the government published its lifetime homes strategy this year, the focus has shifted to home improvement agencies (HIAs) to help find (some) of the answers to housing an…

A place to live

Gillian Crosby, Angela Clark

The home improvement agency sector must move up a gear or two as the pace quickens to respond to society's wish to ‘stay put’, even when frailty or ill health set in. Continuing…

Baby boomers in transition

Toby Williamson

Our first two articles drew attention to how our changing demographics are influencing housing services. Here, in the context of a disappearing retirement age and the growing…

Demographics of the ageing rural population

Jane Atterton

There are perhaps a considerable few among us who dream of retiring to the countryside, to spend our autumn years in a rural idyll. According to Dr Jane Atterton et al, more and…

The care conundrum

Imelda Redmond

Awareness about the role of carers in society and their contribution to the UK economy has been catapulted to the top of the political agenda in recent months following the launch…

Ethnicity and family support

Rosalind Willis

‘They look after their own’ is a phrase with which we are all familiar but to what extent do ethnic and minority groups care for and support their family members? Given the…

Eating disorders are not just a problem for the young

Frances Taylor

John Prescott's admission to suffering from bulimia is just one example of an increasing trend for older people being diagnosed with eating disorders. Frances Taylor from the…

Old and inside: older people in prison

Lorraine Atkinson

The number of older people in prison is growing. As more and more people over the age of 60 struggle to cope behind prison walls, the prison service and the wider community are…

My Work

Wayne Emery

In a career that spans four decades, Wayne Emery describes his life spent to date within the housing sector and the changes that he has witnessed to how services are delivered. In…

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