Working with Older People: Volume 12 Issue 2

Practical approaches to work, leisure, lifestyle and learning


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Explaining about … building to last

Paul Cann

Help the Aged Director of Policy and External Communications Paul Cann discusses how policy‐makers and local government need to listen to the voice of older people when designing…

Understanding the older traveller: stop, look and listen!

Greg Marsden, Mima Cattan, Ann Jopson, Jenny Woodward

Getting around would be difficult without roads, rail and pedestrian walkways. Despite what we take for granted, the older traveller is often left feeling frustrated by the…

Post office closures

Gretel Harris

The post office network is said to be losing £4 million a week ‐ a seemingly strong enough argument for change. Here, Gretel Harris explains about Age Concern's campaign against…

Silver service? Are supermarkets meeting the needs of older shoppers?

Steve Costello

Assuming that you have successfully manoeuvred your way around the transport system and eventually found a post office to pick up your pension or pay your bills, it is now time to…

Dignity through change: how continence matters

Pamela Holmes

Many of the great cities of the ancient world had public toilets. It was not until Victorian times that they appeared in any large numbers in this country: the 1848 Public Health…

Financial inclusion for older people

Luke Geoghegan

In this article, Luke Geoghegan explores the implications of not being ‘financially included’ and explains how the revolution in financial services, while giving the majority of…

Silver entrepreneurship: new days, new ways

Tom Cannon

Television and the media generally have raised the profile of entrepreneurs and we imagine them to be young, energetic and creative people. Research shows us that the older you…

My Work

Kalyani Gandhi

In this final article, Kalyani Gandhi writes in a personal capacity about her career to date and about the work of her organisation, PRIAE, in seeking solutions and changing…

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