The Antidote: Volume 5 Issue 6



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Competition isn’t someone else’s job!

T Kippenberger

Records that most mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver shareholder value and not much attention is paid to more mundane reality matters meaning loss of priority in…

Remember the USP? (Unique selling proposition)

T Kippenberger

Discloses that the concept of the unique selling proposition (USP), as defined, means every advertisement has to propose a specific benefit to the consumer, that…

Competing through alliances

T Kippenberger

Reflects on strategic alliances including local/home alliances and global alliances. Suggests there are three factors driving the growth of strategic alliances…

Co‐branding as a new competitive weapon

T Kippenberger

Declares co‐branding (the bringing together of two or more independent brand names in support of a new product, service or venture) is seen as a legitimate development of…

Culture and structure as a competitive advantage

T Kippenberger

Analyses, in depth, two US centres of innovation — in Silicon Valley, California, and Route 128, west of Boston, Massachusetts, stressing the former was successful and the…

Competing in hi‐tech markets

T Kippenberger

Describes five segments of adopters differentiated by characteristic responses to a discontinuous innovation: innovators; early adopters; early majority; late majority;…

The myth of Japanese competitiveness

T Kippenberger

Investigates how some Japanese companies have more success than others, particularly such as Toyota, Honda, Canon and Komatsu. Posits there are two Japans — one is…

Competitive imperatives for the new e‐conomy

T Kippenberger

Looks at four key dimensions of evolving computer and communications technology: the visible dimension; the borderless dimension; the cyber dimension; and the dimension of…

The potential impact of B2B exchanges

T Kippenberger

Investigates the online market and its new vocabulary. Defines what is offered and what the ‘e’ and ‘i’ models are. Suggests there are four basic types of online…



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