The Antidote: Volume 5 Issue 5



Table of contents

Competition: the name of the game

T Kippenberger

Contends, that thought competitive, business is not the same as sport, as all kinds of sport have a time limit of some kind involved and usually a win, loss or draw ensues…

Competition as we know it is dead

T Kippenberger

Believes ‘head to head’ combat is no longer a relevant metaphor that businesses can use in today’s competitive arena. States that applying the principle of ecology to…

Finding new space in the market

T Kippenberger

Suggests six lines to imply that one can find unoccupied territory by looking across the usual boundaries of competition, look across: substitute industries; strategic…

How do market‐driving companies compete?

T Kippenberger

Believes that companies which revolutionize the conventional wisdom of their industry rely not on market research but on the leader’s vision. States that competing by…

Competing on a world stage?

T Kippenberger

Discusses the definition of globalization as the activities of multinational enterprises (MNEs), engaged in foreign direct investment, plus the development of business…

Competing on the Internet? Think of judo

T Kippenberger

Believes judo strategy is a ‘useful mindset’ for any company, and quotes a number who have used this strategy over the years — including Toyota and Nissan, when they…

Holding on to your customers

T Kippenberger

Declares that the Internet has changed how companies impart information to potential customers, as companies can now reach large numbers of people with lots of information…

Don’t go it alone in the digital economy

T Kippenberger

Looks at business webs, believing that building a powerful team of partners is essential to provide the revolutionary new offerings or value propositions that enable…

Giving it away for free!

T Kippenberger

Profiles Linux and how it was given away on the Internet by Netscape as part of its so‐called browser war with Microsoft. Looks at the growth and future of free systems…



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