The Antidote: Volume 5 Issue 4



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Every silver lining has its cloud

T Kippenberger

Believes modern project management practices only began to emerge in 1939 — just before World War II. Identifies the US Air Force as the main breeding ground for many…

Using project and programme management to handle ‘unique assignments’

T Kippenberger

Claims some organizations produce largely the same products or services year in, year out, e.g. issuing passports or driving licences, treating patients, handling…

A new way to create strategic change?

T Kippenberger

Posits that the pace of change now means that strategy implementation needs a more co‐ordinated approach than previously was the case. Says that it is common for senior…

Recognizing different project types

T Kippenberger

Reckons that change tends to generate more change and projects should only be undertaken under extreme need to solve a problem — something that may stop one achieving the…

Leading project teams

T Kippenberger

States it is not enough for a project leader to be good at project management, or to be aware of the need for fluent communication. Believes a project sponsor not only…

How culture impacts projects

T Kippenberger

Projects that even the most battle‐hardened project manager will acknowledge that manager’s mental models, their attitudes, the competences they rate, etc., all have major…

There’s no such thing as a risk‐free project

T Kippenberger

States human progress demands risk‐taking but, conversely, managing risk in projects is always critical to success. Proposes that managers must make project risk…

Managing the business benefits

T Kippenberger

Submits that benefits management is defined as the identification, optimizing and tracking of the expected benefits from business change to ensure that they are achieved…

Management’s role in project failure

T Kippenberger

Chronicles some of the reasons for project failure. Defines critical success factors, identifies causes of project success or failure — not satisfactorily explaining…

Pause for thought

T Kippenberger

Uses headed points to highlight ten issues, involved with projects and their management. Sets the whole thing out as a question item aimed at helping the reader to obtain…



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