The Antidote: Volume 5 Issue 2



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It's tough out there, and likely to get a lot tougher yet

T Kippenberger

Posits that, during the 1980s, many Western multinational corporations (MNCs) were seen as lumbering giants, going the same way as dinosaurs. Looks at globalization and…

Oyster or curate's egg?

T Kippenberger

Looks at whether globalization is all its proponents claim it to be. States markets for money, goods and services are surely already becoming increasingly globalized…

Managing companies in the global marketplace

T Kippenberger

Describes the world's largest companies as being in a state of flux. Acknowledges that the various ways in which companies have responded strategically and…

The mythical global corporations

T Kippenberger

Weighs up that, in the face of increasingly complex technologies and economies, the way that individual multinational companies (MNCs) respond reflects the varied…

New mindsets for new markets

T Kippenberger

Suggests that, although there are very real differences between the old markets of Western Europe and the USA, and the new ones of say, China and India, multinational…

Emerging strategies for local companies

T Kippenberger

Declares that such global goliaths as Coca‐Cola and Procter & Gamble have been surprised how indigenous, local companies have speedily fought back to create competitive…

Global reach for service businesses

T Kippenberger

Identifies eight globalization drivers: common customer needs; global customers; global channels; global economies of scale; favourable logistics; information technology;…

Global economy possibly, but cultural diversity certainly

T Kippenberger

States cultural differences affect the process of doing business and managing but does warn that US solutions do not always solve other nation's dilemmas. Employs three…

Getting international teams to work

T Kippenberger

Addresses cultural differences, stressing diversity should be seen as a benefit but that they are overlaid by inequalities within teams. Identifies eight contributory…

Finding and keeping the necessary talent

T Kippenberger

Suggests that multinationals' big problem is a lack of leadership talent and that it is increasingly difficult to find and keep the right people needed to run operations…



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