The Antidote: Volume 5 Issue 1



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On which side do you like your prejudice buttered?

T Kippenberger

Spotlights that, within Europe, use varies quite markedly of the Internet. Gives percentages of usage of the Internet in various countries in Europe, but also states that…

Welcome to a virtual world

T Kippenberger

Forecasts that virtual assets — knowledge and information — will transform the way business is undertaken, requiring the business success rulebook to be rewritten. Posits…

Retail: the first of the e‐wars

T Kippenberger

Insists that not all products and services are susceptible to being sold electronically, and shows that de Kare‐Silver proposes an electronic shopping test to aid in…

Pure play versus clicks‐and‐mortar

T Kippenberger

Stresses that what happens in Europe, with regard to the e‐retailing sector, will eventually occur in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Expounds on the World Wide Web and…

From lip service to reality!

T Kippenberger

Reckons that success in e‐commerce or e‐business means companies' strategy must be to use 50% of their technology budget on customer nurturing. Highlights eight factors…

The phenomenon of virtual communities

T Kippenberger

Points out that there are five main characteristics of the virtual community business model: distinctive focus; capacity to integrate content and communications; emphasis…

Becoming an e‐business

T Kippenberger

Advances that by 2010, two billion people will be online and that this many potential customers will force businesses operations to change in a big way — as customer…


T Kippenberger

Argues, as a result of the convergence of commerce, technology, and consumer frustration, these new infomediary businesses could help customers capture, manage and…

From intranet to extranet

T Kippenberger

Believes the introduction of Internet technology stimulates a learning process often associated with an upsurge in creative and entrepreneurial activity. Describes an…


T Kippenberger

Suggests that there are four principal security functions for commercial transactions: confidentiality; integrity; authentication; and non‐repudiation. States the…

Truly open markets for everyone

T Kippenberger

Notes that, in 1999, there were an estimated 90 million PCs in the world — but 900 million TV sets! Looks at the future for mature, truly open, electronic buying through…

Fasten your seatbelts

T Kippenberger

Looks at the future for new technology, stating mobile phones, for the second Xmas in a row, were the most popular gift and that Web addresses and e‐commerce operators bit…



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