The Antidote: Volume 4 Issue 2



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Don't assume anything …

T Kippenberger

Discusses the year 2000 (Y2K) problem and the lack of real knowledge about what may or may not happen. States IT aspects of the problem are the only ones with any real…

Beware: a factual and verbal minefield!

T Kippenberger

Weighs up the Y2K problem and the potential for disaster within it. Contends that authorities everywhere seem anxious to reassure everyone that the problem of Y2K may not…

The origins of the problem

T Kippenberger

Weighs up the millennium bug (Y2K) and the processes of early technology which have brought this problem to the fore, in particular computer programmers/business managers…

The dangers of dabbling with dates

T Kippenberger

Elaborates on the Y2K problem from a slightly different kind of view, by examining how, for 2.5 millennia, astronomers, mathematicians and physicists, emperors, popes and…

Ever‐widening ripples

T Kippenberger

Discloses that one of the first organizations to hit the Y2K problem in the UK was the DVLC license authority, which discovered, in 1970, that its 30 expiry dates, over…

Tackling the problem

T Kippenberger

Catalogues, that, since 1995‐96 Y2K projects methodology has been developed and widely adopted and covers the following stages: awareness; assessment; inventory and…

It's a PC world

T Kippenberger

Speculates that, recently, end‐user systems have grown relatively uncontrollable, beyond IT support scope and at end‐user discretion. Predicts that date logic problems are…

Wrestling with embedded systems

T Kippenberger

Weighs up embedded systems (devices used to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery or plant‐embedded, signifying they are an integral part of…

The legal agenda

T Kippenberger

Relates that a deluge of material has been written outlining the potential legal risks, much of it alarmist, about the Y2K problem. Gives much information about current…

The tangled web we've woven

T Kippenberger

Puts forward that a major part of international trade and supply chains in the face of Y2K is infrastructure, as the rest of the commerce area will not function otherwise…

Three vulnerable areas

T Kippenberger

Discusses how some countries (USA, Brazil, Australia, Germany and Canada) have a limited jurisdiction over individual states, provinces or regions of each country…

The opaque private sector

T Kippenberger

Suggests that there are a number of reasons why the private sector wishes to remain opaque in the face of the Y2K millennium bug. Discusses how regulatory authorities are…

Divergent national responses

T Kippenberger

Looks at how different nations are gearing up for the Y2K problem, stating that businesses large and small seem to be taking much for granted. Reports that, disturbingly…

What's going on around the world?

T Kippenberger

Looks at research by the Gartner Group about the year 2000 problem based on 15,000 companies in 87 countries, and stating the largest impact the Y2K problem would have…

Taking a global view

T Kippenberger

Concentrates on the millennium bug and states although some countries and areas appear underprepared (in Eastern Europe, Russia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and…

Living with uncertainty

T Kippenberger

Contends that a way to handle uncertainty is by using scenario‐building techniques as a means of exploring possible, alternative futures in response to the Y2K problem…

Handling supply chains

T Kippenberger

Delves into supply chains ‐ and possible effects of Y2K on them ‐ and their possible complex nature. Includes discussion on US retailer Home Depot and Toyota's UK plant…

Managing the finances

T Kippenberger

States that many Y2K budgets are still being adjusted upwards by many companies, and organizations. Looks at: interest rates; capital security; and credit terms. Posits…

Marketing and selling/Business partners

T Kippenberger

Combines a short piece on marketing and sales with an even shorter piece about suppliers and customers ‐ both including separate checklists ‐ with regard to Y2K problems…

Merging or acquiring?

T Kippenberger

Recounts that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has been intense in recent years but that caution is now being advanced. Recommends due diligence is required regarding…

Managing people

T Kippenberger

Looks at the millennium bug with regard to the human resources facility. Ponders whether some highly skilled staff will try to move jobs ‐ especially if the staff are…

Strategy: where to from here?

T Kippenberger

Predicts that the next 12‐18 months will not be ‘business‐as‐usual’ as the Y2K deadline approaches and passes. Suggests there are three basic options in the run up to the…

Is this chaos, at least in theory?

T Kippenberger

Looks at chase theory ‐ the unpredictable yet creative behavioural nature of complex systems. States the Y2K bug may provide one of the most valuable insights into the…

Surfing around Y2K (Year 2000)

T Kippenberger

Investigates some of the 100s of Websites containing Y2K information ‐ providing a few ideas for checking the relevant sites ‐ there are recently over 2,000 sites through…



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