The Antidote: Volume 4 Issue 1



Table of contents

Organizations in pigeonholes

B Gould

Discusses organizations and their differing theories, as promoted by managers, but wonders whether they are bewildering to managers who may not know where to start. Posits…

The benefits of bureaucracy

B Gould

States the use of the word bureaucracy is greeted with much disparaging comment, with Max Weber held up as the father of the movement (although he saw its limitations)…

Organizational culture I: the organization as unwritten rules

T Kippenberger

Concludes that the nature of organizations, as in all spheres of activity involving humans, is to have unwritten rules and procedures of the game. Cites a global consumer…

Individual and Co.: the third epoch

B Gould

Proclaims present‐day managers have unconsciously inherited an approach to organizations that is of rapidly declining relevance. States some managers have moved beyond the…

Strategic management of flexibility

B Gould

Contends organizations need some possibilities to enable change to survive or exploit shifts and terms of their environments. Highlights, in a panel, the flexibility main…

Imagining the virtual organization

B Gould

Argues that the virtual organization is a creature of the mind ‐ not so much a concrete, easily identifiable type of organization ‐ as it is a management perspective or…

Five organization types

B Gould

Reviews some main ideas from Mintzberg's synthesis of research based on his book ‘Structure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations’. Posits there are five…

Organizational culture II: hearts and minds

T Kippenberger

Argues that culture ‐ the commonly held symbols, beliefs, values and behaviours ‐ is perhaps the most powerful force for cohesion in the modern organization. Highlights…

Organizations as systems: the viable systems model (VSM)

B Gould

Looks at some key features of the viable systems model (VSM) and its application, which has been extensively applied to the diagnosis and design of organizations for…

Organizational culture III: clan organizations for times of upheaval and change (DHL International)

T Kippenberger

Investigates the organization of clans ‐ which have, as their basic community, ideals and clanship (ideology going beyond profit). Posits that clan organizations…


B Gould

Spotlights the 3M organization and its progress ‐ from its 1902 beginnings to the present day success story ‐ through backing ideas through to the development of…

Smart (MCC's compact car)

B Gould

Covers the Micro Compact Car (MCC) a joint venture between German carmaker Mercedes‐Benz and Swiss watchmaker SMH (maker of Swatch and Longine), aimed at the younger adult…



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