The Antidote: Volume 3 Issue 8



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Reinventing the wheel of management

B Gould

Postulates that empowerment can be seen as a recent reincarnation of a participative approach that previous managers, in epochs past, have found themselves having to…

The business case for better human capital management

B Gould

Declares that, prior to the mid‐1990s, research in human capital management tended to focus on certain practices in isolation. Spotlights a highlighted box, to show recent…

Work strategy, markets and knowledge

B Gould

Postulates there is only one right strategic path that can successfully address the issues dealing with customer preferences and an organization's own capabilities…

Social capital: trading and mixing knowledge

B Gould

Acknowledges mixing knowledge depends on people being able to work together, to understand each other and to rely on each other — the outcome is new knowledge. Determines…

Best practices I

T Kippenberger

Advocates that copying adoption of the surface manifestation of best practice drivers can be wasteful or counter‐productive, because it may bear little relevance to the…

Best practices II

B Gould

Suggests that 50% of people in business refuse to accept the strong evidence that good people management practices lead to higher profits — long‐term, but 50% of…

Meshing business and people strategies I: resource‐based strategy

B Gould

Postulates that failure to reach beyond competitive positioning has meant that most attempts to make people management more strategic have hit a shortfall. States…

Meshing business and people strategies II

B Gould

Submits that sustained competitive advantage depends not on finance alone, but requires effective people processes and organization. Makes use of a Figure to show the…

Business flexibility and employee co‐operation

B Gould

Determines that although organizations want their employees to be loyal and committed to their work — they also want employees who have good collaborative working…

Employees’ experience of people management

B Gould

Submits that managers have a poor understanding of how employees react to various methods of managing human capital. Reckons that the belief that people management is…

Relationship marketing and human capital

B Gould

Defines five interlinked markets that help to deliver customer value: supplier markets; recruitment markets; internal markets; referral markets; and influence markets…

Best practice in pockets

B Gould

Because managers are seldom in a position to drive top‐down change, they must work within their own spheres of influence, by sculpting pockets of best practice out of the…

Dangerous enough to be useful?

B Gould

Identifies eight qualities that lead to excellence and financial success — of which the dominant theme was the human dimension. Reckons messages appeal to managers’ values…

Staff functions can add value

J Boyd., B Gould.

Argues that staff groups use their expertise to consolidate, control and centralize power — becoming involved in an unsatisfactory cycle of doing what they think will be…

Culture and human capital I: Europe

T Kippenberger, B Gould

Proclaims that many in the USA see the Single European Market as a unifying force that will obviate the need to manage people according to their country — others see…

Culture and human capital II: Pacific Asia and Japan

T Kippenberger

Contends that Asia is not isolated from global market forces and there are signs that these forces may usher in an altered form of human capital management bearing more…

Emotional capital and internal marketing

B Gould

States that when information is integrated with skills, understanding and experience, it becomes knowledge which the organization can use to its advantage. Makes use of…


B Gould

Spotlights Hewlett‐Packard (HP), the US company venerated as a leader in getting the best from its people. Looks at HP's beginnings and how they have coped with business…

Oticon: anomaly or model of the future?

B Gould

Spotlights Danish hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, and the way it swept away four shibboleths of human capital management which were: departments and titles would go; no…



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