The Antidote: Volume 3 Issue 7



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Strategy: where to from here?

T Kippenberger

States the big problem with strategy is the fragmentation — leading to many differing schools of thought, which leads to confusion, if not disaffection for managers…

Fresh perspectives on some original concepts

T Kippenberger

Stresses that a resource‐based view is not one integrated perspective, rather it is a confluence of renewed academic thinking on this subject. Proclaims that the…

Corporate strategy and parenting advantage

T Kippenberger

Suggests that the key question for multibusiness companies — companies whose constituent businesses are diverse in nature and operate in several different marketplaces …

Don't wait for the crisis to happen

T Kippenberger

Discusses how IMD's research project in Lausanne has looked at how strategic management can give organizations early warning of potential or impending problems, suggesting…

Getting to grips with uncertainty

T Kippenberger

Challenges the belief shown by many McKinsey managers that accurate predictions of the future follow rigorous analysis using the many tools available. Describes four…

Applying game theory to strategic moves

T Kippenberger

Contends that to be a success businesses need both to create and capture value — but the processes for doing each are fundamentally different. Argues that business should…

Strategic decisions: the value of diversity and conflict

T Kippenberger

Underlines that when decisions are strategic, they normally involve the commitment of large‐scale resources, have long‐term implications and are often difficult to reverse…

From ‘I’ to ‘we’

T Kippenberger

Argues that the process of deciding on strategy is influenced by three interdependent factors: organizational style; personal values; and discretion. Records that…

Strategic leadership at General Electric

T Kippenberger

Discusses General Electric (GE) and the way it has adapted and implemented strategy to changing market‐place conditions. Elaborates on GE's origination from the Edison…



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