The Antidote: Volume 3 Issue 3



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Making decisions in a pleasant climate of opinion

B Gould

Pinpoints that in the mid‐1990s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were not doing as well as they might, despite much head scratching, research and advice. Documents the…

Strategy, employee resistance and integration

B Gould

Contends the bulk of serious research on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has so far focused on various fragments of the management and performance of M&A, these are…

M&A (Mergers and acquisitions): not for the average company

B Gould

Declares an acquisition is successful if the returns to shareholders increase following acquisition, allowing for the acquisition premium paid. Gives the findings as…

Elusive drivers of shareholder wealth gains

T Kippenberger

Details a study of 429 complete UK acquisitions, takeovers and mergers from 1980 to 1990. Cites value creation; management/shareholder alignment; and bid characteristics…

Price, strategy or post‐deal management?

B Gould

Asks which of the following three levers is the single most important in driving shareholder value in acquisitions?: price; strategy; and post‐deal management. Argues all…

Acquisition type and capable integration

D Venables, T Kippenberger

Asserts that acquisition management capability is difficult to learn, with many big companies encountering setbacks — but if these can be overcome the potential overall…

Executive duties in the process of combining

B Gould

Looks at how senior management teams and CEOs fall into the trap of thinking that their work is complete, following negotiated deals. Divides M&A into three phases …

The cultural cross‐border acquirer

B Gould

Wonders whether the unrelentingly high failure rate of cross‐border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) means the strategic role of M&A in the emerging global economy has been…

The three phases of integration

T Kippenberger

Identifies three phases of post‐acquisition management: the morning after (the period immediately following the acquisition) the learning‐to‐live‐together stage; and the…

Benefits of internal communication

T Kippenberger

Examines both the long‐term effects of the merger on employees and also highlights the impact made by enhanced communications. Investigates the merger of two ‘Fortune 500…

Financial PR and straight‐talking to employees

B Gould

Cautions that in any takeover or merger, directors are often so totally preoccupied in the pre‐deal period that any plan which they come up with is usually the…

Standard integration at GE Capital

T Kippenberger

Investigates GE Capital (formed as the financial services arm of General Electric over 60 years ago), which is a financial services conglomerate with 27 separate…

Now we are one

T Kippenberger

Delves into the £7 billion transatlantic ‘merger of equals’ Smithkline Beckman and Beecham, in 1989. Looks at how the merger was formulated and the planning for…



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