The Antidote: Volume 2 Issue 3



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Beware the fabled qualities of leadership

T Kippenberger

Asserts that, with one exception (Nelson Mandela), great leaders are normally confirmed retrospectively, after review of their work or achievements can be seen in the…

Anyone for Bennis? Game, set and match

T Kippenberger

Profiles Warren Bennis — synonymous with the study of contemporary leadership ‐who has been, amongst other things, adviser to four US Presidents — Kennedy, Johnson, Carter…

Making a difference — a common thread among many definitions of leadership

T Kippenberger

States that the nature of the workplace is changing rapidly with top‐down leadership no longer relevant. Believes that leaders have to have the kind of vision that…

Leaders are made not born

T Kippenberger

Argues that, in today's business climate, three levels of leadership are now emerging which replace single leaders, they are: team leaders — responsible for between 8 and…

The dark side of leadership: what drives people to become leaders?

T Kippenberger

States there is a persistent view that a perfect business model exists — which is managed by a logical, rational leader. Posits that the most successful organizational…

CEOs in the UK: a snapshot

T Kippenberger

Profiles CEOs and trends in their careers and bases analysis on 93 individual case but urges caution with the results, as this is a small sample. Confirms that CEOs of top…

Appointing a new CEO: not a simple task

T Kippenberger

Discusses how CEOs are appointed and shows the actual process is fraught with uncertainty and problems. Looks at the first five stages of their suggested management…

The first 100 days: the CEO's ‘honeymoon period’

T Kippenberger

Looks at the problems created when a new CEO is appointed and says the first 100 days are critical. Highlights six ways for chief executives to take full advantage of the…

A three‐stage life cycle for chief executives

T Kippenberger

Submits that, just as there is a product life cycle so too there is a life cycle for CEOs to pass through. Recounts that there is a three‐stage life cycle that CEOs go…

Selecting general managers — only about half right!

T Kippenberger

Aims to discover how general managers are selected, what support they received in their first post, what their first significant actions are, and the current and future…

How does your top team perform?

T Kippenberger

Comments on senior management teams and factors that affect their performance. Describes the top management team as the dominant coalition of senior managers at the top of…

Problems with top management teams

T Kippenberger

Records that a capable and effective top management team's CEO may be unprepared for team problems. Gives research details from in‐depth interviews with 23 chief…

Vive la difference — or are national cultural differences a big distraction?

T Kippenberger

Uses data from eight different European countries on research about operating performance in the region and problems with the countries themselves. Pinpoints four…

Boards: making good use of newcomers and old hands

T Kippenberger

Highlights opportunities to try to improve companies' board performances, using research by the Industrial Society, which consisted of 350 questionnaire responses from…

Leadership in a time of crisis

T Kippenberger

Concentrates on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, using a number of sources, recreating the background, to provide an event diary (from the US perspective), and looking at…



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