The Antidote: Volume 2 Issue 1



Table of contents

The hollow ring of corporate America

T Kippenberger

Questions whether corporate USA will be able to maintain competitiveness into the next millennium owing to unrelenting restructuring, meaning a recovery is based on an…

The theory of the business

T Kippenberger

Acknowledges Peter Drucker's place as a guru in management theory or business trend, well ahead of his peers. Discusses his part in developing the idea of privatization in…

Do you have the right distinctive capabilities?

T Kippenberger

Argues that to match the right distinctive capabilities to the challenges of the business environment is the difference between corporate success and failure. Investigates…

The hunt for core competencies

T Kippenberger

Expresses concern about large corporations' ability to maintain their competitive edge in view of smaller resource‐limited competitors (mainly Japanese) successfully…

Remember competitive strategy? Remember Michael Porter?

T Kippenberger

Rebukes those in business who have lost sight of strategy, in the more recent rush for operational effectiveness, warning that the growth imperative is hazardous to…

Trade‐offs, compromises and growth — the value of lateral thinking

T Kippenberger

Specifies that many managers see themselves as inhibited and trapped through being in a mature slow‐growth business, in stagnant, dead‐in‐the‐water industries. Highlights…

How do some companies achieve high growth?

T Kippenberger

Wonders why, in an atmosphere of intense competition, some companies achieve sustained high growth in profits and revenues. Highlights the example of Formule 1, a chain of…

The three ‘R’s of growth strategies: radical, rational or robust

T Kippenberger

Argues that, of three different growth strategies revealed in a recent study, only one leads to substantial growth and specifies these three as: radical growth — most…

Banking on an ethical stance (The Co‐operative Bank, UK)

T Kippenberger

Looks, in depth, at the UK Co‐operative (Co‐op) Bank and how it has now gone back to its roots to make a difference. Espouses competitive strategy and how the Co‐op is…

That'll be the Daewoo

T Kippenberger

Spotlights South Korean car and vehicle manufacturer Daewoo (meaning ‘the whole universe’), the 30th largest industrial corporation in the world. Recounts that Daewoo…



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