The Antidote: Volume 1 Issue 3



Table of contents

The cultural imperative

T Kippenberger

Investigates the shareholder value approach as a corporate management central objective. Alludes to the similar cultural patterns in other, well‐established economies of…

At the heart of the argument

T Kippenberger

Discusses the differences between the stakeholder approach and the shareholder value approach and gives in‐depth explanations of the two. Proposes that value‐based…

The history of ‘shareholder value’

T Kippenberger

Profiles shareholder value and how it began with Du Pont, back in the 1920s, a US firm held up as an ideal of advanced management practice, who started measuring…

Corporate value creation needs bespoke treatment

T Kippenberger

Chronicles value‐based management (VBM) as it is approached by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and uses figures to add emphasis to this system. States that the yardstick…

The Stern Stewart approach

T Kippenberger

Concentrates on the best known and most model of shareholder values — developed by Stern Stewart, financial advisers — that has aroused, in equal measures, criticism and…

The city 1: the times they are a'changin'

T Kippenberger

Spotlights HSBC James Capel (brokers), value‐based management and the high profile commitment to equity research, following discussions and work with academics and…

The city 2: are earnings per share old hat?

T Kippenberger

Spotlights Janette Rutterford, Abbey National Professor at the Open University Business School — responsible for producing a corporate finance MBA course and lists her…

Blue Circle builds a virtuous circle

T Kippenberger

Chronicles a question and answer piece between Alistair Cox, group strategy director of BCI (Blue Circle Industries) and ‘The Antidote’. States that BCI plc is the parent…

An antipodean approach to adding value

T Kippenberger

Discusses value‐based management and how it has worked at Fletcher Challenge, a paper, building, energy, and solid wood plantation forestry operator in New Zealand. States…



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