The Antidote: Volume 1 Issue 2



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T Kippenberger

Profiles stakeholders in this dedicated issue and stresses that the word really should be used in its original context of business responsibility and managerial…

How the theory developed (stakeholders)

T Kippenberger

Suggests ‘stakeholder approach’ has been around for 40 years and looks back in time for key points to show this as different ages: entrepreneurial capitalism — from early…

Stakeholders — an academic's view

T Kippenberger

Undertakes to identify high performers/excellent companies, who are repeatedly undermined through high failure rates in identified companies. Suggests management needs to…

Stakeholders — a consultant's view

T Kippenberger

Contends that, on average, US corporations shed half their customers in five years and the same amount of employees in four years, plus 50% of investors in one year…

Stakeholders — a business and management view: the RSA inquiry into tomorrow's company

T Kippenberger

Delves into an inquiry, between January 1993 and June 1995, on the likely nature of ‘Tomorrow's Company’ within the UK with the involvement of hundreds of companies and…

Employees as stakeholders: the breaking of the psychological contract

T Kippenberger

Compares thinking and research into employee attitudes in the UK, with regard to psychological contracts. States these are the contracts of employment that are the…

Customers as stakeholders: putting a figure on their value

T Kippenberger

Argues the case for developing loyalty among customers, as applied to stakeholders and including investor loyalty. Uses an illustration of a man wagging his finger at a…

Suppliers as stakeholders: the development of partnership sourcing in the UK

T Kippenberger

Chronicles that though suppliers have always been regarded in the past as stakeholders, little has been said of involving them until now. Looks at the Confederation of…

The environment as stakeholder: does it make sense to develop a corporate environmental policy?

T Kippenberger

Reviews some of the economic arguments for taking environmental policy development seriously. States that enhancing a positive environmental image, integrating…

The community as stakeholder — 1: social responsibility and corporate self‐interest

T Kippenberger

Maintains that, for many companies being socially responsible is a good thing, which can also serve corporate self‐interest. Reckons that the absence of empirical links…

The community as stakeholder — 2: corporate giving: a two‐way process or a one‐way street?

T Kippenberger

Contends that charities are supported by most organizations — in one way or another — and looks at the UK's Ashridge Management Research Group's study (Action Research…

The investor as stakeholder: shareholders flex their muscles

T Kippenberger

Reviews some changes occurring in investor or shareholder power and the effects those changes have been having in the USA, the UK, Germany and France. Believes that UK and…

The Levi Strauss story

T Kippenberger

Spotlights Levi Straus, a company which has adopted a strong ethical stakeholder approach — but one which has also met with commercial success. Recounts the story of how…



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