The Antidote: Volume 1 Issue 1



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First corporate anorexia and now corporate amnesia

T Kippenberger

Discusses criticisms of downsizing and its perceived demise. Spells out that perhaps downsizing has not led to the gains in productivity that it should do, and has…

A call to revolution!

T Kippenberger

Reprises an earlier view by Robert Eccles, that what is important is how a company is doing compared with current competitors and not its past. Deplores short‐termism and…

The balanced scorecard

T Kippenberger

Gives a comparative analysis about the differences between the balanced scorecard and other, more traditional, financial accounting measures, such as ROI and EPS that may…

The performance pyramid

T Kippenberger

Chronicles the above‐named model, which was invented by two consultants in 1991 and updated in 1995. Uses a figure to show exactly what and how the performance pyramid is…

A model for service businesses

T Kippenberger

Looks at classifying service businesses and how this involves three basic service types: professional services; service shops; and mass service, uses a figure by way of…

Taking the stakeholder view

T Kippenberger

Chronicles a three‐step performance measurement model based on an organization's most important stakeholders: the problem; the possible solution; and underlying…

Performance measurement at English Nature

T Kippenberger

Elaborates on English Nature, a public body financed by grant‐in‐aid from the UK Department of the Environment, which was formed when the former Nature Conservancy Council…

BUPA takes its own pulse

T Kippenberger

Spotlights BUPA, the UK's leading light in independent healthcare, which has 45% of the private medical insurance market, in addition to a leading private healthcare…

A strong focus at Amoco UK

T Kippenberger

Details the strong links between employee objectives in the UK and the USA at Amoco. Posits that Amoco has six overarching strategic themes: cost leadership; international…

Manufacturing measures are still not right!

T Kippenberger

Investigates research study into performance measures in manufacturing. States the main problem errors are: false alarms; and gaps — the solution being to eliminate the…

Old measures and new teams

T Kippenberger

Presents a short but concise piece on why existing measurement systems are ineffective at best and counter‐productive, with regard to changing performance measurement…

Pitfalls in choosing non‐financial measures

T Kippenberger

Investigates how organizations pick which non‐financial measures to use to enable managers to know what requires attention, and what can be ignored for now. Lists out in a…

The identikit CEO

T Kippenberger

Alludes to five leadership styles which are: the strategic approach — the traditional view of a CEO; the human assets approach — they believe strategy formulation is the…

The missing link: human resources and business strategy

T Kippenberger

Endeavours to show that human resource managers (HRM) should be involved in business strategy and should be more ‘business‐oriented’. Acknowledges that there is a tendency…

The bandwagon effect

T Kippenberger

Posits that divisionalization in companies, as we know it today, followed on from Du Pont in the 1920s, and goes on to show this in greater detail. Indicates that…



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