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Table Of Contents: Volume 23 Issue 3 - Special Issue: New avenues for research and practice in communication evaluation and measurement

Reliable, valid and efficient evaluation of media messages

Minji Kim, Joseph N. Cappella

In the field of public relations and communication management, message evaluation has been one of the starting points for evaluation and measurement research at least…

The status quo of evaluation in public diplomacy: insights from the US State Department

Erich J. Sommerfeldt, Alexander Buhmann

In recent years, expectations for demonstrating the impact of public diplomacy programs have dramatically increased. Despite increased calls for enhanced monitoring and…

Explaining the measurement and evaluation stasis

Howard Nothhaft, Hanna Stensson

The purpose of this paper is to explain the “evaluation deadlock” or “stasis” diagnosed by many authors. The explanation relies on a thought experiment.

Investigating the role of contextual factors in effectively executing communication evaluation and measurement

Stefania Romenti, Grazia Murtarelli, Angelo Miglietta, Anne Gregory

Evaluation and measurement (E&M) remains a critical and debated topic among communication scholars and practice. Substantial research and professional efforts have been…

Maturity as a way forward for improving organizations’ communication evaluation and measurement practices

Nathan David Gilkerson, Rebecca Swenson, Fraser Likely

The purpose of this paper is to propose an explication of the concept of “maturity,” as it applies to communication evaluation and measurement (E&M) practice, along with…

Agile communication evaluation and measurement

Betteke Van Ruler

The purpose of this paper is to analyze what the concept of agility means for communication evaluation and measurement and to challenge assumptions of goal-oriented and…



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