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Career anchors: results of an organisational study in the UK

Jane Yarnall

Career anchor theory developed by Ed Schein in 1978 has been subject to limited further research, despite being widely used as a career tool within organisations. This article…


Using the search conference for planning a merger participatively

Martin Large

This paper presents the theory and practice of search conferences, illustrated with the case study of a recent merger. Increasingly, business leaders want to engage with their…


Exploring managerial success factors of Chinese managers: a comparison between mainland and Hong Kong Chinese males

Randy K. Chiu, Allen Stembridge

Recent research has identified the major activities and factors that contribute to the success of managerial performance and growth. However, because of cultural differences, it…


Meta‐ability development: a new concept for career management

David Butcher, Penny Harvey

Considers the idea of taking personal responsibility for career development and contributing to the organization via the development of meta‐abilities. Provides an explanation of…


Beyond technical competence: learning to listen

James T. Scarnati

Discusses listening as a basic principle of leadership. Defines leadership and decision making as much the art of listening as they are the skill of doing. In a world where most…


Applying empowerment: organizational model

Yehuda Baruch

Empowerment is not merely a new buzzword introduced to capture the imagination of current trends in management science. It comprises an innovative approach to working with people…


Applying empowerment? A reply in the form of a corrective

David Collins

This paper is written as a reply to the paper “Applying empowerment: organizational model” written by Baruch. The paper argues that Baruch’s account of empowerment, in spite of…

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