Career Development International: Volume 25 Issue 5


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Building career capital: developing business leaders' career mobility

Cathy Brown, Tristram Hooley, Tracey Wond

Career theorists have been increasingly occupied with role transitions across organisations, neglecting role transitions undertaken within single organisations. By exploring in…


Who networks? – A meta-analysis of networking and personality

Hadjira Bendella, Hans-Georg Wolff

Networking refers to goal-directed behaviors focused on building and cultivating informal relationships to obtain career-related resources. According to Gibson et al.'s (2014)

Human resources challenges of military to civilian employment transitions

John C. Dexter

Upon discharge, US service members experience an instantaneous immersion back into civilian life. One of the most challenging aspects of that reimmersion is the reentry/entry into…


The costs of networking in nonwork domains: a resource-based perspective

Hans-Georg Wolff, Sowon Kim

While studies have established that networking is an investment in an individual's career that pays off, recent research has begun to examine the potential costs of networking…

Workplace accountabilities: worthy challenge or potential threat?

Jeremy R. Brees, David M. Sikora, Gerald R. Ferris

Combining early and untested accountability perspectives with stress research, the authors examined the degree to which employees perceive workplace accountabilities as either…


Repatriation of self-initiated expatriates: expectations vs. experiences

David R. Ellis, Kaye Thorn, Christian Yao

While there is a burgeoning literature on self-initiated expatriates (SIEs), the emphasis has been on expatriation not repatriation. The purpose of this paper therefore is to…

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