Career Development International: Volume 13 Issue 6


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Are career centers worthwhile?: Predicting unique variance in career outcomes through career center usage

Céleste M. Brotheridge, Jacqueline L. Power

This study seeks to examine the extent to which the use of career center services results in the significant incremental prediction of career outcomes beyond its established…


Graduate recruitment and selection in the UK: A study of the recent changes in methods and expectations

Mohamed Branine

This paper seeks to examine the changes in the methods of graduate recruitment and selection that have been used by UK‐based organisations and to establish the reasons for the…


Global managers' career competencies

Tineke Cappellen, Maddy Janssens

This study aims to empirically examine the career competencies of global managers having world‐wide coordination responsibility: knowing‐why, knowing‐how and knowing‐whom career…


Explaining entrepreneurial intentions by means of the theory of planned behaviour

Marco van Gelderen, Maryse Brand, Mirjam van Praag, Wynand Bodewes, Erik Poutsma, Anita van Gils

This paper sets out to present a detailed empirical investigation of the entrepreneurial intentions of business students. The authors employ the theory of planned behaviour (TPB)…


Time frames for leaving: An explorative study of employees' intentions to leave the organization in the future

Karen van Dam

This study seeks to investigate the time frames that employees use when considering leaving the organization, and aims to establish how employees with specific time frames differ…

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