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High‐involvement leadership: moving from talk to action

Ann Howard

Finds in a study across 25 organizations more talk about high‐involvement leadership than effective implementation. Part of the problem was that senior managers wore rose‐coloured…


What works and what does not in career development programmes

Paul Stevens

Describes the wide diversity of career development support programmes now being offered by many employers in Australia. Summarizes positive and negative effects along with the…


Rethinking tomorrow’s company for the twenty‐first century

Richard Bostock

Puts forward the view that the real and controlling resource and the absolutely decisive factor of production is no longer capital, nor land, nor labour but knowledge. We now live…


Personal competences and outdoor development for managers

Donald MacLean, Robert Paton, Elaine de Vries

Describes the use of outdoor management development exercises in relation to the issue of personal competences. Presents findings of a pilot study by the University of Glasgow…


NLP ‐ help or hype? Investigating the uses of neuro‐linguistic programming in management learning

Ashley Dowlen

Identifies aspects of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) that may be of use in management learning. Uses three approaches to explore NLP; an introductory programme, a profiling…


Developing local government managers ‐ sourcing development requirements: competence versus change process frameworks

Ann Smith

Reports on the introduction and implementation of a corporate management development strategy for a local council, which intended to become more customer‐centred and less…


Organizational career planning and management techniques and activities in use in high‐tech organizations

Yehuda Baruch

Summarizes a study that consisted of an empirical analysis of organizational career planning and management techniques ‐ activities, programmes and processes that are part of the…

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