Supply Chain Management: Volume 20 Issue 6


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Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents - Special Issue: 20th Anniversary Issue

Complementary theories to supply chain management revisited – from borrowing theories to theorizing

Árni Halldórsson, Juliana Hsuan, Herbert Kotzab

The aim of this paper is to identify ways by which the theorizing of supply chain management (SCM) takes place, with particular attention to complementary theories. SCM…

A business model approach to supply chain management

Peter Trkman, Marko Budler, Aleš Groznik

This paper aims to extend the topics from a 2007 paper to stimulate debate on strategic issues vital for the long-term success of supply chains (SCs). The authors upgraded…

Evolution of the migratory supply chain model

Andrew Potter, Denis R Towill, Martin Christopher

The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the impact of the original work and provide an updated model to reflect the changing environment for supply chains. In 2000, a…

A decade of supply chain collaboration and directions for future research

Claudine Antoinette Soosay, Paul Hyland

This paper aims to conduct a systematic review of the literature on supply chain collaboration published over a 10-year period from 2005 to 2014. It explores the nature…

Horizontal logistics collaboration for enhanced supply chain performance: an international retail perspective

Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues, Irina Harris, Robert Mason

The paper aims to develop a supply chain-driven model horizontal logistics collaboration (HLC). HLC initiatives can fail. To improve the chance of success, a thorough…

Why supply chain collaboration fails: the socio-structural view of resistance to relational strategies

Stanley E. Fawcett, Matthew W. McCarter, Amydee M Fawcett, G Scott Webb, Gregory M Magnan

The purpose of this study is to elaborate theory regarding the reasons why collaboration strategies fail. The relational view posits that supply chain integration can be a…

20 years of performance measurement in sustainable supply chain management – what has been achieved?

Philip Beske-Janssen, Matthew Phillip Johnson, Stefan Schaltegger

The purpose of this paper is to systematically review the academic literature on sustainability performance measurement for sustainable supply chain management (SSCM…

Putting sustainable supply chain management into base of the pyramid research

Raja Usman Khalid, Stefan Seuring, Philip Beske, Anna Land, Sadaat Ali Yawar, Ralf Wagner

The aim of this paper is to analyze which sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) arguments are addressed in the base of the pyramid (BoP)-related research. BoP…

Modern slavery and the supply chain: the limits of corporate social responsibility?

Stephen John New

This conceptual paper aims to examine modern slavery in the supply chain, showing how the issue challenges conventional thinking and practice in corporate social…

A commentary on agility in humanitarian aid supply chains

Richard Oloruntoba, Gyöngyi Kovács

This paper aims to provide a commentary and an overview of developments in the field of humanitarianism that could impact theoretical understanding of agility in…

Sourcing portfolio analysis and power positioning: towards a “paradigm shift” in category management and strategic sourcing

Andrew Cox

The paper aims to present the case for a “paradigm shift” in current thinking about how to undertake category management and develop sourcing strategies using power…

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