International Journal of Quality Science: Volume 3 Issue 1


Managing Quality

Table of contents

The role of top management commitment in quality management: an empirical analysis of the auto parts industry

Sanjay L. Ahire, K.C. O’Shaughnessy

Examines the associations between ten integrated quality management constructs and the resulting product quality. Analyzes responses from plant managers of 449 auto‐parts…

Strategic quality management

Bin Srinidhi

Notes that to be effectively implemented, quality management has to be aligned with strategy and properly co‐ordinated. Develops a systems framework entitled congruence…

A second‐order factor analysis of critical TQM factors

Nabil Tamimi

The quality management literature prescribes various critical quality improvement strategies. However, there have been few empirical studies that tested for the synergy or…

A survey instrument for standardizing TQM modeling research

John R. Grandzol, Mark Gershon

For over a decade, total quality management has been a principle focus of business managers and academic researchers alike. The myriad prescriptions and practices, all…



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1996 – 1998

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