International Journal of Quality Science: Volume 2 Issue 3


Managing Quality

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Implementing statistical process control in service processes

Statistical process control (SPC) can be applied to service processes, but the framework and methods may deviate from applications in industry. This was investigated in…

An experimental design for surface roughness and built‐up edge formation in lathe dry turning

Jacques Masounave, Youssef A. Youssef, Yves Beauchamp, Marc Thomas

Investigates the effects of the most influential cutting parameters (cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut, tool nose radius, tool length and work piece length) on…

A framework for implementation of statistical process control

States that, in literature, hardly any practical methods, including both methodological and organizational aspects of implementing statistical process control (SPC), are…

Robustness for multiple response problems using a loss model

Posits that methods to achieve robustness for single response are well established. For multiple response problems, however, very few methods have been developed…



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1996 – 1998

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