Tizard Learning Disability Review: Volume 9 Issue 4

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Human Rights and the Failure of Policy to Deliver: Women with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Needs

Annette Lawson

Human rights figure largely in both rhetoric and practice, and government policy seeks to value and enhance individual equality and quality of life. This paper draws on recent…

Mental Health Needs of Women with Learning Disabilities: Services can be Organised to Meet the Challenge

Dora Kohen

Women with learning disabilities have many social, personal and psychological problems that stem from being neglected, as well as from being doubly disadvantaged by their gender…

Understanding our Bodies, Understanding Ourselves: The Menstrual Cycle, Mental Health and Women with Learning Disabilities

Hedy Ditchfield, Jan Burns

The paper reviews the evidence for vulnerability in women with learning disabilities to a range of physical and mental health problems, with special emphasis on menstruation. It…

New Legislative Proposals for Women with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Problems

Eileen McNamara, Ian Hall

There are several proposed changes to the law in England and Wales that will particularly affect women with learning disabilities. The Sexual Offences Act 2003, the draft Mental…

A Rights‐Based Approach to Abuse of Women with Learning Disabilities

Hilary Brown

This paper provides a brief overview of abuse and protection, with a particular focus on women with learning disabilities. Women with learning disabilities face double oppression…

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