Microelectronics International: Volume 9 Issue 3


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Silicon Hybrids in Action

R.W. Harcourt, O. Zorba, A.G. Whitaker

The custom hybrid manufacturer must be able to offer the optimal multi‐chip module (MCM) solution from a portfolio of technologies. At present no single interconnect…

Crystal Oscillator with Temperature Compensation Realised in Thick Film Technology

M. Pavšek, D. Belavič, U. Kunaver, M. Hrovat

The design of temperature‐compensated quartz crystal oscillators (TCXOs) in thick film hybrid technology is described. TCXOs controlled by varicap diodes are usually…

Multichip Module Technology: The Transition from Research to Manufacture

D.J. Pedder

The benefits of the thin film multichip module (MCM‐D) approach to high density packaging for VLSI devices have now been amply demonstrated by a number of research groups…

Copper Thick‐film Firing Optimisation Using a New Nitrogen‐based Atmosphere Control System

S. Mellul, P. Dupin

A new proprietary nitrogen‐based atmosphere control system (Alix 1) has been developed by L'Air Liquide, allowing control and regulation of the oxygen partial pressure in…

Hybrid (and Multi‐chip Module) Design on the IBM‐PC Platform

T. Corless

The increased power and the memory available on IBM‐PC and compatible computers have led to the emergence of a wide range of engineering software. The large number of PCs…

Development of a Cost‐effective and Flexible Bumping Method for Flip‐chip Interconnections

J. Liu

Many bumping techniques for flip‐chip interconnections have been developed based on sputtering and electrolytic plating processes. In order to allow bumping on single…

The Material Science of a Non‐warp, Hermetic, Non‐battery Effect, Crystallising Dielectric for Simplification of Multilayer Hybrid Circuitry Construction

B. Sjoeling, S. Turvey

To meet the hybrid industry's growing need for low‐cost, high‐reliability, high‐density multilayer circuitry, the authors' company has developed a non‐warp, hermetic…

Solderability Testing in Hybrid Technology

R.A.L. Vanden Berghe, B. Willems

The solderability of a material is considered as the ability of the surface to be wetted by solder, and the rate at which this process occurs. The solderability of thick…

ISHM news

Robert Blancquaert, Miloš Somora, M.S. Vijayaraghavan, D.J. Lowrie

ISHM‐Benelux has recently set up a permanent secretariat at the following address:


Industry news

EMCA‐REMEX Products Ablestik Laboratories European Operations, Linton, Cambridge, have been awarded ISO 9002 accreditation for their quality system. The award represents…

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