Microelectronics International: Volume 9 Issue 2


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Semiconductor Diode Lasers for Soldering

D.G. Whitehead, A.V. Polijanczuk, P.M. Beckett

The application of laser technology has recently become economically viable for microelectronics and surface mount technology. Semiconductor laser technology may prove to…

New Trends in Power Microelectronics DCB Packages

R. Kužel, J. Schejbal, M. Matějka

Direct copper bonded (DCB) alumina substrates are among sophisticated technical materials suitable for application in electronics, automotive and engineering industries…

Influence of Composition and Construction Parameters on the Basic Properties of Thick Film Thermistors

L. Golonka, J. Kozlowski, B.W. Licznerski, K. Nitsch, A. Seweryn

This paper presents experimental data associated with the properties of thick film thermistors based on a spinel‐type semiconducting oxide/RuO2/glass system. The following…

Assessment of Temperature Distributions in Electronic Circuits

G. Page, D.S. Campbell

A study has been undertaken into the use of thermal imaging techniques to determine the temperature distribution of electronic equipment. The suitability of such…


Design of Integrated Circuit Planar Resistors with Slits and Curved Boundaries: Part 2

M.A. Chaudhry

The problem of determining the shape of a polygonal integrated circuit planar resistor to a desired value of resistance has applications in the IC fabrication technology…

A Comparison of the Thermal Performance of Low Cost Substrates for Power Electronics

R.D. Tidswell

The continuing trend towards increasingly compact circuitry places rigorous demands on the thermal management of electronic assemblies. The problem is particularly severe…

PZT‐based Thick Films and the Development of a Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor

B. Morten, G. De Cicco, A. Gandolfi, C. Tonelli

A study has been carried out on the relationship between the composition, poling condition and piezoelectric properties of thick film layers. Pastes based on…

High Technology in the Nordic Area

P. Collander

The Nordic countries have not escaped the effects of the economic recession currently experienced by much of Europe as well as other industrialised continents. In the high…

ISHM news

The International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics invites the submission of technical papers for presentation at the above event. All original unpublished papers on…

New products

Alpha Metals has launched a range of thermoplastic die attach adhesives and adhesive films, following an agreement made with the manufacturers, Staystik Inc. The new…

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