Microelectronics International: Volume 9 Issue 1


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Interactions between Thick Film Superconductors and Various Metal Substrates

M. Hrovat, S. Bernik, D. Kolar

Interactions between stainless steel and silver and gold based thick film conductors and YBa2Cu3O7 thick film superconductors were studied by SEM and EDX. The stainless…

Investigations of Laser Soldered TAB Inner Lead Contacts

E. Zakel, G. Azdasht, H. Reichl

Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) is a modern technology which meets the requirements for micro‐connecting VLSI circuits. The limitations for gang bonding chips with high lead…

Optimised Nitrogen‐based Atmospheres for Copper Thick Film Manufacture: Part 2: A Comparison of the Effects of Different Gaseous Dopants

S. Mellul, D. Navarro, F. Rotman

This paper reports the final results of a development project conducted on nitrogen‐based atmospheres in order to improve the firing of copper thick films. Having shown…

Optimised Laser Micromachining Technology for TFT‐LCD Modules

T. Tobita, K. Niki, K. Inouye, H. Takasago

Advanced laser micromachining techniques for a TFT‐LCD (thin film transistor‐liquid crystal display) module have been developed to repair various kinds of defects such as…

A Conformal Mapping Analysis of Polygonal Planar Resistors with Curved Boundaries

M.A. Chaudhry, R. Schinzinger

Introduction of curved boundaries in polygonally shaped integrated circuit planar resistors causes a crease in maximum electric field intensities and current densities…

Accuracy of Temperature Computation in Hybrid Microelectronics

A. Kos

Temperature field computations of hybrid power circuits require considerable numerical effort. This paper presents rules which show both how to limit the number of terms…

Development/Study of Thin Films for Electroluminescent Flat Panel Display

P.V. Natarajan, D.G. Vaiude, B.M. Rao

This paper concerns an all‐solid‐state, high‐contrast electroluminescent (EL) flat panel display which is becoming the potential for multifunctional avionic displays. In…

Dendritic Growth from Dielectric Constituents in Thick Film ICs

G. Harsányi

Silver and other metals can exhibit dendritic short‐circuit growth caused by electrochemical migration in conductor‐insulator structures. Detailed analysis of…

Education in Hybrid Microelectronics: Part 1

J. Atkinson, K. Pitt, K. Williams

ISHM, acting as a professional body for a very large sector of microelectronics manufacturing and design, naturally takes a strong and active interest in the education and…

ISHM news

B. Waterfield, Geoff Griffiths

At the Annual General Meeting of ISHM‐France, held on 12 June 1991, the following were elected:

Industry news

Coors Ceramics Company has appointed Derek Johnson as an Executive Director with responsibility for the operation of Coors Ceramics Electronics Limited.

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