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On the Resistance Increase of Gold‐aluminium Wire Bonds

J.F. Haag

The ageing behaviour of aluminium wire bonds (Al‐1%Si wire, 25 µm diameter) on five different gold thick film inks from three different manufacturers has been…

Transparent Protective Coating Technique for Amorphous Si Image Sensor

T. Tobita, K. Niki, T. Makita, H. Takasago, H. Miki

To obtain the best moisture‐proof and most reliable protective coating for an amorphous silicon image sensor (A4 documents), three methods of coating and patterning…

VLSI Package Reliability

P.S. Speicher

The challenge presented by advanced package development in the past five years has further accentuated the constant need for package quality and reliability monitoring…

Applications of Computer Algebra Techniques in Hybrid Circuit Design

G. De Mey

Computer algebra or symbolic manipulation is nothing else than performing analytical calculations with the help of a computer. This offers the advantage that lengthy and…

Low Tg Epoxy Adhesives for Thermal Management

K.K.T. Chung, E. Avery, A. Boyle, G. Dreier, W. Koehn, G. Govaert, D. Theunissen

The complexity of microelectronic circuits, their scale of integration and clock speed requirements have been increasing steadily. All these changes have the effect of…

Thick‐film Hybrid Applications on Stainless Steel Baseplate

M. Lahdenperä

In this research work thick‐film manufacturing technology on stainless steel baseplates was developed. Adequate adhesion of dielectric IP211 to the steel substrate was…

The Rôle of Rheological Characterisation in the Manufacture of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

I. McAuley

The rheology of thick film materials has proven to be a key factor in the fabrication of ceramic capacitors. Alternative techniques have been developed for rheological…

ISHM news

This event, the first sponsored by ISHM, takes place in Pardubice on the 19–20 November 1991. Pardubice is a town of some 100,000 inhabitants about 60 miles east of…

Industry news

B.C. Waterfield

Coors Ceramics has appointed Monika Sandoval as Account Manager for Germany, Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland.

New products

The wave coating machine, developed and manufactured by Robnorganic Systems for the hybrid electronic circuit market, has been designed to apply a protective coating of…

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