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Optimised Nitrogen‐based Atmospheres for Copper Thick Film Manufacture: Part 1: Monitoring of Oxygen Doping in Nitrogen

F. Rotman, D. Navarro, S. Mellul

This paper reports the results of development work conducted on nitrogen‐based atmospheres in order to improve the firing of copper thick film systems through continuous…

Thermoelastic Problems for Electronic Packaging

J.H. Lau

The basic equations (infinitesimal strain‐displacement relations, constitutive equation, conservation of mass, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, rate of…

Palladium/Silver Multilayers

R. Vanden Berghe, S. Demolder, M. Saillé, A. Van Calster, H. Schotte

The reliability of thick film multilayer systems, based on palladium‐silver conductors, and obtained from several suppliers, is evaluated. A test structure is presented…

Polystrate and Ultrastrate: Complementary Multichip Module Technologies

E.C. Sutcliffe

CMOS devices are approaching the 50 MHz threshold at which conventional electronic assemblies—based on packaged components (SMD, PGA, etc.) mounted on high‐density printed…

Effects of Across Belt Temperature Uniformity on Fired Resistor Values

Robert K.F. Teng, Tom Berdner, M.P. Ethridge

The effects of temperature gradients across the belt width on fired resistor values are well known and become increasingly important in wide belt production conveyor…

Aspects of Indium Solder Bumping and Indium Bump Bonding Useful for Assembling Cooled Mosaic Sensors

M. Plötner, G. Sadowski, S. Rzepka, G. Blasek

Indium solders are frequently used for interconnections in cooled systems because of their high ductility down to very low temperatures. Very fine contact pitches are…

Multi‐chip Modules for Telecom Applications

K. Gustafsson, G. Flodman, M. Bakszt

System performance can be improved by the use of MCM (multi‐chip module) technology. Better signal transmission properties, lower power dissipation if C‐MOS chips are used…

Voltage Divider Networks for Photomultipliers (PM Bridge): High Voltage Thick Film Resistor System

S. Schmitt, H. Kuznicki

In many nuclear experiments, photomultipliers (PM) with voltage divider networks are required. Very often it is also necessary to locate these PMs in a chamber under…

Industry news

National Starch & Chemical Corporation announces the appointment of Peter Nitzschke from 1 April as its territory manager for Germany for EMCA‐Remex, Ablestik and Thermid…

New products

Bath Scientific Ltd of Melksham, Wiltshire, has launched a high speed version of its PrecisionProbe bare/loaded substrate tester. The new version is aimed at higher…

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