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Surface Mounted Joints on Different Substrate Materials

R.H. Rautioaho, L.P. Karjalainen, M.K. Lahdenperä

The deterioration of surface mounted solder and adhesive joints on different substrate materials under thermal cycling was investigated metallographically. Ceramic chip…

Metallisation of Laser‐drilled Holes in 96% Alumina by Screen Printing Mixed‐bonded Pd/Ag: Printing Technology and Reliability of Metallisation

E. Giani, S. Kielar, J.P. Mathurin

Hybrid manufacturers are uncertain as to whether laser‐drilled holes on 96% alumina are suitable for mixed‐bonded thick film conductor metallisation, or whether they…

Characterisation of Thin Film Superconductors by Magnetically Modulated Resistance

B.F. Kim, J. Bohandy, F.J. Adrian, T.E. Phillips, K. Moorjani

It is of practical importance to measure and control the morphological state of thin film superconductors. Properties such as critical current, magnetic response and high…

3D Thermal Simulation of Power Hybrid Assemblies

C. Zardini, F. Rodes, G. Duchamp, J.‐L. Aucouturier

Among the main factors to be considered for the thermal optimisation of hybrid power modules are: the thermal resistance between the power chips and the bottom of the…

An Evaluation of Polymer Coatings for Hybrid Circuits

D. Ročak, M. Kosec, F. Jan

An evaluation of some silicone and epoxy materials for primary chip and top coatings on hybrid circuits and of their relative merits on the basis of humidity and…

Realisation of a Humidity Sensor Based on the Protonic Conductor Zn2Al(OH)6Cl.nH2O

J.E. Moneyron, A. de Roy, J.P. Besse

The electrical properties related to the hydration of the hydrotalcite‐type lamellar compound Zn2Al(OH)6Cl.nH2O are such as to permit the realisation of a humidity sensor…

Seminar on the Nordic PTF project

P.L. Kirby

This one‐day seminar, repeated in Sweden and Denmark, had its origins in a most interesting co‐operative project which was supported in the four Nordic countries by a…

Reinhardt Microtech AG, Wangs, Switzerland

Many years ago I used to travel, every three or four months, to Zurich Airport and there pick up a car to drive east, along the southern shores of the beautiful Zurichsee…

ISHM news

H. Binner, M.S. Setty, P. Collander, C.H. Garnett

A recent meeting involved co‐operation with the organisers of the Canadian High Technology Show and the local Chapter of the SMTA. The programme included an inspiring…

Industry news

Ian McEvoy has been appointed Director of Operations at DEK Printing Machines Ltd, Weymouth.

New products

Waycon Technology Ltd has available a range of advanced single and dual hotplates featuring variable temperature control from room temperature to 300°C with pre‐set…

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