Microelectronics International: Volume 7 Issue 3


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A New Approach to the Study of the Intrinsic Ageing Kinetics of Thick Film Resistors

L. De Schepper, W. De Ceuninck, H. Stulens, L.M. Stals, R. Vanden Berghe, S. Demolder

A new method of studying the accelerated ageing of interconnection materials is applied to a high‐stability thick film resistor system (the Du Pont HS‐80 system). The new…

Packaging Options for High Lead Count ASIC Devices

S.T. Riches

Selection of the correct interconnection technique for high lead count integrated circuits is dependent on technical and economic factors, in particular in small batch…

Terpene vs. CFC Defluxing in Hybrid Circuits Manufacturing

B. Osvalder

Because of the influence of chlorofluorocarbon based solvents on the stratospheric ozone layer, electronics manufacturers worldwide are attempting to find new solvents or…

The Use of CAD in Advanced Ceramic Package Designs

R. Callahan, J. Ewanich

Being competitive in the high performance IC market requires package design concepts which keep pace with the rapid increase in device complexity. Devices operating in the…

Non‐linear Thermal Effects in Hybrid Circuits

G. De Mey, E. Boone, G. Nachtergaele, S. Demolder, L. Rottiers

A review is given of the several heat transfer phenomena occurring in hybrid circuits. Most attention is devoted to the non‐linear properties. Some theoretical simulations…

High Performance Electrically Conductive Silicone Adhesives

M.A. Lutz, R.L. Cole

Silicones have long been recognised as attractive materials for use in electronics applications because of their unique combination of properties. Now, technology which…

Literature abstracts

ZAKEL, E., SIMON, J. and SCHULER, S., Verbindungstechnik in der Elektronik, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 53–57, June (1990) TAB is an attractive microconnecting technology for chips…

Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology, Alfred University, Alfred, New York, USA

Richard M. Spriggs

The dawning, in the world of technology, of the Age of Advanced Materials has led to a search for new ways of establishing research programmes capable of meeting the…

Book reviews

When one considers the critical importance of solders and soldering in the fabrication of all types of electronic circuits, it is perhaps surprising that there is not a…

ISHM news

J. Lantairès, B.C. Waterfield, H. Binner, G. Griffiths, Maurice Wright

ISHM invites papers for the above Conference, to be held on 29–31 May 1991 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Papers should cover areas such as: design, manufacturing…

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Gwent Electronic Materials has won its third award under the Department of Trade and Industry's SMART competition scheme.

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