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Quality Assurance in the Production of High‐quality Solder Powder—the Essential Prerequisite for Microelectronic Grade Solder Pastes

R. Ruthardt

The tremendous growth in the SMT market has led to a corresponding increase in demand for electronic‐grade solder pastes for the various reflow solder processes. The high…

Anodised Aluminium as an Alternative Substrate for High Power Hybrid Microelectronics

S. Brakspear

An investigation to evaluate the suitability of anodised aluminium as a substrate material has shown that the relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion of the…

Flexible High Performance TAB Inner Lead Bonding with a Laser

P.J. Spletter, C. MacKay, Y. Jee, C.T. Galanakis, N. Luijtjes, O.C. Woodard

MCC has been developing the use of flashlamp pulsed Nd:YAG laser technology to bond TAB leadframes to bumped IC die. With basic equipment, the process has been proven in a…

Thermal Analysis in CAD of Hybrid Circuits

G. De Mey

In this contribution a short review is given on thermal analysis of hybrid circuits using 2‐D, 3‐D and time‐dependent models. It will be shown which models are necessary…

Interface Reactions during Metal/Ceramic Diffusion Bonding

C.D. Qin, B. Derby

The strength of annealed ZrO2/Pd diffusion bonds was found to be weakened after annealing in both air and vacuum. Annealing in air reduces the strength much faster and…

Research into Optoelectronic Components

O. Hildebrand, J. Benoit, A. Duda

Optoelectronic components such as lasers and avalanche photodiodes have already revolutionised long distance transmission, and yet the technology is still in its infancy…

Realisation of Hydrotalcite‐type Protonic Conductor Thick Films by the Screen‐printing Technique

J.E. Moneyron, A. de Roy, J.P. Besse

A new type of realisation of the hydrotalcite‐type lamellar compound Zn2AI(OH)6Cl.nH2O is described, using an original ink composed of a concentrated aqueous suspension of…

Thermal Resistance and Temperature Cycling Endurance of DCB Substrates

W. Martin, B. Waibel, W. Laaser

Automotive ignition modules are constructed employing power transistors which are soldered to metallised ceramic substrates to achieve electrical insulation and good heat…

The Use of Thermal Imaging to Assess Electronic Components

N. Gionis, D.S. Campbell

An investigation involving the use of thermal imaging has been undertaken, both on trimmed thick film resistors and on wave soldered joints to surface mounted devices. The…

Ibiden Company Ltd, Ogaki, Japan

H.T. Lay

The visit to the Ibiden Company in Ogaki gave me the opportunity to see at first hand a part of the industry which has participated in the technological and economic…

Book review

The problem of providing a reliable and cost‐effective interconnection system between semiconductor devices and other add‐on components and the film circuit has been…

ISHM news

H. Binner, H.T. Law, N. Sinnadurai, G. Jones, P.E. Ongley

Following the discussion at our recent Annual General Meeting, a questionnaire was sent out to all members. Almost half of them replied despite the fact that the time…

Industry news

National Starch and Chemical Corporation have announced the appointment of Graham Jones as sales manager, Electronic Materials and Adhesives (EM&A), Europe, headquartered…

New products

A screen printable, thick film dielectric materials system, for printing capacitors with Z5U thermal characteristics, has been introduced by Heraeus. IP9300 high K…

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