Microelectronics International: Volume 6 Issue 3


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The Rôle of the Semiconductor Industry in Hybrid Technology—A Tutorial

G.W. Griffiths

Whatever one may feel is the importance of particular interconnection and assembly technologies with which one is associated, Thin Film or Thick Film Hybrid, PCB Through…

A Comparison of Electrodeposited Tin and Tin/Lead Coatings on Nickel Barrier Terminated, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

M. Kucera

Nickel, as a barrier to the dissolution of termination materials, requires a solderable coating to prevent nickel oxidation and preserve solderability of surface mount…

Characterisation of Die Attach Adhesives

M. Remškar, D. Ročak

Several commercially available epoxy and polyimide adhesives were tested. The properties essential for the use of adhesives in microelectronics are stated and their…

Characterisation of Aluminium Nitride Ceramic Substrates

M.G. Norton

Aluminium nitride (AlN) is currently under investigation as a substrate material for use in microcircuit applications in particular where high thermal conductivity is…

An Assessment of Thick‐Film Piezoresistors on Insulated Steel Substrates

N.M. White

The development of new, inexpensive, robust and miniaturised sensors is continuously being sought and it is believed that thick‐film technology can help to achieve these…

Screen Printed Thick Film Resistors — Better Yields with Shorter Set‐up Times

E. Giani, J.P. Mathurin

A set of rules is presented for printing thick film resistors, whose implementation minimises losses due to resistors firing too high or too low, and also results in the…

Assembly and Packaging Considerations for GaAs Microwave Power Devices

J.R. Tyler, D.K. Andrade

Recent developments in microwave GaAs technology are yielding devices with higher power capabilities and increased levels of integration. The mechanical and thermal…

A Single Substrate Thick Film Temperature Datalogger

R.T. Pullman, P.F. Van Kuyk, C.A. Jenness

During the transport of perishable goods it is important to ensure that optimum temperature storage conditions are observed. To ensure compliance to these conditions a…

Copper Thick Film—A Maturing Technology

P. Sayers

Knowledge of critical materials and process parameters necessary to fabricate quality copper thick film multilayer and hybrid circuits is being amassed and distributed…

ISHM news

Hamish Law

Dates: 29–31 May 1991 Venue: De Doelen Conference Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands The Benelux Chapter of the International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics will be…

Industry news

B. Turnbull

Jenny Wheeler has recently joined PRTM Ltd, an international operations management consultancy company offering implementation orientated support to high technology…

New products

UK based Hermetronics plc has announced a range of hermetic packages, suitable for microwave circuit operation at up to 30 GHz. The high operating frequency of the RF30…

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