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Thick Film Superconductors Based on Bi2O3 Modified Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O and Bi‐Sr‐Ca‐Cu‐O Systems

M. Hrovat, S. Bernik, D. Kolar, I. Jarkovi?

A superconducting material with a composition Y1−xBa2Cu3O7−3/2x − x/2 Bi2O3 (x = 0·1 and 0·2) was synthesised. The influence of Bi2O3 additions on sintering was studied…

Price/Density Tradeoffs of Multi‐chip Modules

G. Messner

When designing electronic systems it is very useful to analyse the relationship between the interconnection capacity of selected packaging methods and their prices. Such…

The Optimal Choice of High Pin Count ASIC Packages

K. Gustafsson, U. Andersson, S. Ek, L.‐G. Liljestrand

The choice of high pin count ASIC packages has a major impact on the total cost and performance of the whole packaging system. Six different types of ASIC packages have…

Processing and Diagnostics for Thick Film Superconductors Produced from Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O Materials

J.S. Choi, M. Bhalodia, S. Samph, P. Snowden, P. Yahner, K.J. Scoles

Thick film superconductors have been produced by screen printing and annealing pastes made from oxide powders and pre‐annealed powders. These films have been analysed by…

The Possibilities for Applying Superconductive Ceramics to HMT (Hybrid Microelectronics Technology)

F. Miyashiro

Superconductive ceramics, at present, have not yet grown into a practical material for actual application to devices and systems, but are still in the raw material stage…

A Thick Film Materials System for the Manufacture of Advanced Hybrid Microcircuits

R. Gee, M.V. Coleman

The environmental reliability of Series Q, a system of materials designed for advanced ‘HIC’ circuits, has been studied using three different migration‐resistance tests…

Design and Fabrication of an Ingestible Rechargeable Capsule for Thermal Monitoring

J.C. Lesho, B.M. Romenesko, A.F. Hogrefe

JHU/APL has developed and tested ingestible pills that telemeter core body temperature. The hybrids were manufactured as chip and wire on thick film ceramic substrates and…

Will ASIC Technology Demand a New Interconnection Technology instead of Soldering in Automotive Electronics?

H. Danielsson

Automotive electronics, after 1995, will be similar to aerospace electronics because there is a demand for low weight and volume together with very high speed and…

Glass Ceramics: An Alternative Substrate for Microwave Integrated Circuits

T. Whatley

This paper presents the results of an investigation into alternative substrate materials to alumina and the associated techniques necessary to utilise them in microwave…

The Current Situation of Japanese Hybrid Microelectronics

A. Kunioka

The status and the problems of HMT (hybrid microelectronics technology) in Japan are reviewed, and a market survey for Japan is presented.

Techniques for the Inspection of Flip Chip Solder Bonded Devices

P.A. Burdett, K.J. Lodge, D.J. Pedder

After a brief introduction to the advantages and method of construction of flip chip solder bond devices, this paper looks at different techniques that can be used to…

Cooling of Hybrid Circuits with Fluorocarbon Liquids

G. De Mey, L. De Vrieze

The possibilities of liquid cooling in electronics is briefly discussed. A particular application of hybrid circuit cooling is presented. Emphasis is placed on the fact…

W.C. Heraeus GmbH, Hanau, West Germany

Drive east from Frankfurt, upstream along the valley of the River Main, and in 25 kilometres or so you will reach Hanau, where once the brothers Grimm lived and collected…

EMCA, Linton, Cambridge, England

EMCA has been supplying thick film materials since the mid '60s and their name will be familiar to the great majority, if not all, engaged in the manufacture of hybrid…

ISHM news

The ISHM CAN‐AM Chapter recently organised a half‐day programme of paper presentations followed by a tour of a local hybrid facility. The event took place on 26 April at…

Industry news

Janette Rowland has been appointed marketing services manager of General Hybrid. Based at their facility on Tyneside, and reporting to the general sales manager, Ms…

New products

Electro‐Science Laboratories have recently introduced two new mixed‐bonded ternary conductors that form excellent cermet resistor terminations. Made of platinum…

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