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The Design Process for Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICS)

J.D. Tonge

This paper presents an overview of the ASIC design cycle, and covers the main topics involved in the successful translation of an ASIC concept into a chip capable of…

The Theoretical Fundamentals of the Screen Printing Process

D.E. Riemer

The basic parameters of screen printing are discussed, and an analytical model of the screen printing process is introduced. The ink roll in front of the squeegee is…

Silicon Integration and Its Impact on the Hybrid Industry

D. Topham

Rapid advances in silicon, including ever higher complexity and easier access to customised approaches, are forcing dramatic changes in electronic equipment design and…

Integrated Magnetics Components Using Thick Film Hybrid Technology

N. Aitmani, Y. Ousten, J.L. Aucouturier, D. Michaux, P. Mas

Recent advances in solid state power conversion, specially in the high frequency domain, have shown the need for magnetics components for hybrid circuits. This paper…

Zero‐stress Film Adhesive for Substrate Attach

L.M. Leung, K.K.T. Chung

Traditional B‐staged epoxy film adhesives have been used as substrate attach adhesive for hybrid circuits. The advantages of using film adhesive instead of paste adhesive…

Packaging for Thermal Detectors

M.K. Robinson, N.M. Shorrocks, R.W. Bicknell, P. Watson, D.J. Pedder

A new lass of sensors for thermal imaging and detection in the infra‐red band is emerging which exploits the pyroelectric effect in ferroelectric materials. These sensors…

Experience with AlN Substrate

M. Feil

The similarity of its temperature expansion coefficient to that of silicon, as well as its high thermal conductivity, makes AlN a material suited for application in…

Hybrid Microelectronics and the Market Opportunities in Europe

N. Sinnadurai

In order to identify and quantify the size and shape of the rapidly changing complexion of the market for hybrid microelectronics, in 1987 ISHM launched a survey in Europe…

Some Adhesion Aspects of Thick Film Conductors

I. Storbeck, G. Leitner, M. Wolf, P. Gottschalk, U. Schläfer

An attempt is made to discuss the adhesion of thick film conductors on ceramic substrates in connection with thermally induced internal stresses caused by mismatch of the…

Vapour Phase Curing of PTF Inks — A Commercial Reality?

R.S. Briggs, P. Newton, P. Srinivasan

The use of vapour phase heating as a rapid and uniform method of heat transfer is widely established in the electronics industry for reflow soldering of surface mounted…

Advanced Electronic Packaging Development Centre ICI Electronics, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire

Runcorn and neighbouring Widnes have strong connections with the beginnings of the chemical industry. Indeed, one of the four companies which merged in 1926 to form…


ISHM news

G. Forster, Graham Jones

Organised by ISHM‐France, this event is aimed at suppliers, manufacturers, and users of hybrid microelectronic circuits. The aim of the conference is to present…

ISHM‐NORDIC Conference and Exhibition

R.B.T., S.J.M.

All Scandinavian cities seem to be close to water, if not the sea then there will be a lake or river. All too have that wonderful clear light in which the reflections…

Industry news

Electro‐Science Laboratories Inc., whose thick film pastes and materials for the microelectronics industry are manufactured and distributed in Europe by Agmet Ltd of…

New products

A new microcomputer‐controlled wire bond pull tester, designed to enable manufacturers of hybrid microcircuits to perform fully automatic non‐destructive pull testing of…

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