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Multichip Technology—Something for everyone?

Jack Balde

Each of the three major branches of interconnection technology has begun to focus its attention on Multichip Modules. The semiconductor manufacturers call the technology…

Solid State Physics—1947

J. Bardeen

This article was part of a commemorative section in Solid State Technology entitled ‘The Transistor—The First Forty Years’, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the…

Thermal Studies on Hybrid Circuits

G. De Mey, L. Rottiers, M. Driscart, E. Boone, L. Van Schoor

In this paper the temperature distribution in hybrid circuits will be studied in two different ways. First of all the results of numerical simulations obtained with the…

Eliminating Electronic Component Stresses through Controlled Laser Soldering

R. Vanzetti, A.C. Traub

A procedure is discussed wherein an infra‐red detector is used for controlling the quality of solder joints being formed by laser‐beam heating on printed circuit boards…

CMOS Gate Array Design

J.M. McGrail

Software tools are an essential part of any IC design system but there are dangers associated with the introduction of CAD systems. This paper attempts to lift the…

Photoconductivity of Thick Film Resistors

G.B. Parravicini, G. Samoggia, B. Morten, M. Prudenziati

A weak change of resistivity caused by visible radiation both for commercial and for model thick‐film (cermet) resistors (TFRs) has been observed and studied in the…

Analysis and Synthesis of Thick Film Resistors Using EGET Principles

O.S. Aleksić, P.M. Nikolić, D.M. Todorović

A new model for thick film resistor calculation accounts for the physical effects which make variations in local sheet resistivity and local volume resistivity: geometry…

Economic Justification For Hybrid Substrate Testing

D.F. Crowley

This paper focuses on the economic justification for testing unpopulated hybrid substrates. The return on investment (ROI) for substrate testing is based on the high value…

Thick Film Resistors Not Only on Ceramics: How to Obtain Suitable Layout Parameters

G. Stecher

The square resistance of thick film resistors on dielectric layers can show a very complex behaviour. From resistance measurements of a test pattern three suitable paste…

Plating of Ceramic Components for Surface Mounting Assembly

D.A. Luke

To permit multilayer ceramic capacitors to be soldered directly onto printed circuit boards and other components, the terminations are plated with a barrier layer (usually…

Thermal Design Considerations for COB Applications

R.C. Estes

As requirements for system performance and density increase, more attention is being given to chip‐on‐board (COB) packaging techniques. COB is ‘surface mount packaging…

Abruzzo, Italy

R.B. Turnbull

Terminal 1 at London's Heathrow Airport is not one of my favourite rendezvous locations, especially before 8.00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. However, Sunday 5th June was an…

Company profile

R.B. Turnbull

We continued our brief visit to Germany with an easy day's drive through the Black Forest to Eastern Bavaria. From a good vantage point one could see the distant Alps with…

SMT/ASIC 88, Sindelfingen

Lorna Cullen

Mention Sindelfingen to anyone involved in the electronics industry and they spontaneously refer to IBM, who have a major presence in the Sindelfingen/Böblingen area. To…

Electronic Packaging in Japan

J. Wheeler

We hear much about the Japanese and their dominant position in electronics. Attention is focused on their superior production techniques, automation, high reliability and…


ISHM news

J. Lantaires, G. Forster, M.S. Setty, Nihal Sinnadurai

The venue for this year's ISHM‐Benelux Autumn Conference and ‘table‐top’ display meeting on 12 October will be the Institut Supérieur Industriel de l'Etat, Mons, Belgium.

Industry news

Richard Tait, R.B. Turnbull

Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. have announced the appointment of Dr Arthur J. Schneider as Vice President of Research and Development. Dr Schneider is based in Willow…

New products

Du Pont have introduced a new family of thick film materials, developed to meet the needs of the hybrid microcircuit industry for higher density circuits, improved…

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