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Thick Film Superconductors — Preliminary Results

M. Hrovat, S. Bernik, D. Kolar

A superconducting material with the composition YBa1.8Pb0.2Cu3O7 was synthesised. The influence of PbO addition on the sintering and formation of the superconducting…

Twenty Years of Neurological Prosthesis‐making

P.E.K. Donaldson

The UK Medical Research Council's Neurological Prosthesis Unit was formed on 1 October 1968. In this review, Peter Donaldson, who has been with the unit from the…

Photonic Systems Interconnections—Overcoming the High Speed Electronics Bottleneck

D.H. Hartman

Fundamental engineering limits to very high speed electronics switching systems are employed. These limitations are caused by packaging and interconnection constraints, as…

Discrimination of Chemical Compounds and Functional Groups by Pattern Recognition Using an Integrated Sensor

T. Oishi, M. Kaneyasu, A. Ikegami

An integrated sensor with three elements (zinc oxide, tin oxide and tungsten oxide) was fabricated by thick film techniques in order to develop a smell sensor. Using this…

Fatigue Fracture of Leads of SMT Components Caused by Ultrasonic Cleaning

E.E. de Kluizenaar

Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective aid in the removal of flux residues from surface mounted circuits. However, an over‐intensive and too extended ultrasonic load of…

Copper‐On‐Ceramic Technology Development

M. Porter

This paper acts as an introduction to the work of the Microelectronics Technology Centre of British Aerospace at Hatfield. It concentrates, primarily, on the development…

Present State of Directly Solderable Copper PTF

M. Tsunaga, S. Kato

This paper describes a newly developed Copper PTF (Polymer Thick Film) which is characterised by direct solderability and high electrical conductivity. This Copper PTF…

Accelerated Life Test of Thick Film Resistors

L. Golonka, J. Kozlowski, K. Nitsch

The rapid assessment of thick film resistor reliability is presented. This relies on the application of constant power pulses. The long‐term stability of the resistors is…

Two Thick Film Thermal Sensors

T. Kwikkers

For the production of sensor elements, thick film technology can be used. Advantages of this technology such as ease of production, low cost, high reliability and the…

Copper Ball‐wedge Bonding and Its Problems

L. Tielemans

An evaluation of the feasibility of copper ball‐wedge bonding on Au, Cu thick film and aluminium metallisations was carried out. This evaluation is not merely a check for…

The Surfactant Flux—A New Flux for the Ozone Age

G. Becker, A. Biverstedt, A. Tolvgård

The development of a new type of flux—the surfactant flux—is described. This flux is applied in a very thin layer and must be totally dry before soldering. It is not…

Nokia Electronics, Helsinki, Finland

R.B. Turnbull

Scandinavia is always one of my favourite destinations for a number of reasons. First of all, I like the cleanliness of the atmosphere which certainly helps to keep one…

ISHM news

T. Kwikkers, J. Lantaires, R.B. Turnbull, H.T. Law, Barry George, Dave Savage

On 20 April ISHM‐Benelux held its 1988 Spring meeting at the Grand Hotel Heerlen. This meeting was totally devoted to implantable devices, in particular to the…

Industry news

R.B. Turnbull

ITS: Intertrade Scientific Ltd, the UK based manufacturer of the MCT/Browne InfraRed Reflow Soldering Systems for SMT and Hybrid applications, as part of their aggressive…


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Augat/Isotronics now offer injection moulded, glass‐to‐metal sealed hybrid circuit packages providing many advantages over conventional machined components.

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