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The Origins of Surface Mounting

P.L. Kirby, I.D. Pagan

Surface Mounting is shown to be the fourth generation of electronic interconnection technology. It has several facets and is seen differently from various viewpoints in…

Intelligent Thick‐film Gas Sensor

B.S. Hoffheins, R.J. Lauf, M.W. Siegel

An intelligent gas sensor has been developed using thick‐film techniques to create a semiconducting oxide surface with carefully varied catalytic properties. An integral…

New Package Cooling Technology Using Low Melting Point Alloys

Y. Fukuoka, E. Matsumoto, M. Ishizuka

This paper describes one of the new package cooling technology concepts using low melting point alloys in order to perform high density packaging. Two kinds of cooling…

Prospects for Molecular Electronics

J.R. Barker

The stimulus of the successful semiconductor device miniaturisation programmes coupled to recent progress in synthetic chemistry and molecular engineering has led to the…


An Investigation of Thick Film Resistor Materials' Properties During the Firing Process

M. Hrovat, F. Jan

Thick film resistor materials' microstructure, sheet resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistivity during the firing process in the temperature range between…

The Influence of Termination Effects with respect to the Behaviour of Thin‐film Resistors

P. de Groot

Termination resistances can affect the behaviour of thin‐film resistors. Depending on the dimensions of a resistor both the TCR and the long‐term stability will be…

Conventional Techniques for the Production of High Density Interconnects

J. Kidd

Screen printing for the fabrication of Thick Film microelectronic circuits is now a mature technology. A greater understanding of the processes and materials used has…

Electrical CAD Analysis for Multilayer Package Design

F.J. Belcourt, T.A. Lane

One of the most challenging problems facing the package designer today is how to predict electrical performance before committing a design to fabrication. One means of…

Integration of Polymer Thick Films with PCB Technology in the Telecommunication Field

G. Castelli, G. Lovati

The paper describes the results obtained by the integration of Polymer Thick Film and Printed Circuit Technologies. Polymer Thick Film (PTF) Technology, applied to PCB…

Temperature Cycling of Surface Mounted Thick Film ‘Zero‐ohm’ Jumpers

D.C. Whalley, D.S. Campbell

Thermal cycling tests for surface mounted components are usually taken around a mean temperature of approximately 35°C (e.g., −55°C to +125°C; −40°C to +110°C). To test…

Screen Printing Piezoelectric Devices

H. Baudry

This paper intends to demonstrate the feasibility of thick film piezoelectric layers on ceramic substrates. Advantages of this technology for the realisation and…

Wire Bonding to GaAs Electronic Devices

S.T. Riches, G.L. White

GaAs electronic devices are becoming increasingly used in the microelectronics industry especially in solid state microwave, ultra high speed digital processing and…

European Microelectronics Conference '87

Bob Turnbull, Peter Barnwell, Paul Yates, Alan Fairbairn, Brian Waterfield, Mary Waterfield

The conference and exhibition got off to a good start with an official reception by the Mayor of Bournemouth on Tuesday evening where attendees could relax and chat—a…

Aspo—The Northernmost Microelectronics Factory in the World

Bob Turnbull

It was Monday, June 8th, and immediately after the Bournemouth Conference. The weather was unchanged, dull and with rain not far away and I was pleased to board the plane…

ISHM news

M.S. Setty

As announced in the May issue of Hybrid Circuits, ISHM‐Benelux is organising a one‐day conference on applications of hybrid circuit technology.

Industry news

Mr Peter Lenk has transferred from the Fraunhofer‐Institut to mls munich laser systems since 1 July 1987. Prior to this move, Mr Lenk was employed at the Fraunhofer…

New products

A new Laser Trimmer from DEK Printing Machines has been purpose‐designed for small batch production. It is a complete self‐contained system, supplied with probes and a…

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